Short answer: I am a regular very skeptical person, and so should you be in this forex guru industry. But THIS IS THE ONLY SERVICE YOU SHOULD EVER INVEST YOUR MONEY IN.

Long answer:
Hello, i would like to say that i have been looking for a real forex service for over 4 months. I learned everything i could online with free videos and got lost in every possible corner (indicators, trend is your friend, swing trading, scalping, etc etc). The problem with every other forex guru online ( although i did not buy any service until now, when i got to elitecurrensea from the price action trading webinars from youtube) is that they give you a bunch of free information for 100-200$ packed nicely into an "ultimate forex guide to steal every girl from dan bilzerian" without anything touchable. And being new to this forex stuff makes you believe those dreams that every cheetos-eating-fat-guy is selling you. Then you purchase a service, 100-200-1000 whatever and do their PRO GUIDE and then you get back at watching charts and asking yourself ... Wtf? is this a downtrend? but wait, there is a higher low, maybe an uptrend is strating? and then you just stare at the charts being even more confused than before listening to all those gurus. Since i watched Nenad's price action trading school on youtube, well around episode 4 i guess, i started looking for more info about him. I can now tell you that this guy is probably the ONLY guru. And the difference is that everybody out there is selling you a dream, hooking you up with believing you will make a fortune. Well, Nenad is the most modest guru i have ever seen. I would pay that 100$ monthly subscription just to hear him talk. And btw, i would subscribe ASAP cause maye he will start realising that 100$ is an unfair price .(i guess it should be more like 500-1k monthly, but he is like the biggest kind-hearted rich person i've ever met) So hurry up, the soonr you join, the faster you will get to that dream other guys would be selling you for more than 100$/ month ;)
I will be definetly invest all the profits from ecs.LIVE into buying the ecs.CAMMACD system, i am literally depressed for not having the cash to jump right in.