Here is my review on https://elitefxsignals.nl/ . I purchased the auto trader exactly a year back & from my personal experience its not one of the best EA's out there. I had opened up a new RAW account as recommended by them & put in 200$ to start with with 0.01 lots. and kept it running on a VPS for the whole year. the profits dint come out as promising. total profit after a year was only 45$.

one week u can make 30$ and the next week you can loose 40$ to technically you loose 10$.

for me in Oct20. I lost around 121$ overall now having a bank balance of 124$ left. I have personally stopped the EA as I'm not happy with how it works.

On a side note their Signal services are bad he looses more than what he gains.

the support team is quick in replying and they get frustrated really quick.