Elizabeth May

First I want to thank you for your newsletters they have been very helpful
I would like to report a scam
I was contacted on Face Book by Elizabeth May She told me she was an expert trader and she had an auto system that would make me about $20.000 a week from a $1000 investment and for me to send her the money to a bank account of her secretary Name: Kim Ostroski Address :4509 Ellery Centralia Rd. Bemus Point, NY 14712 State :New York County :USA So I got the account number and sent the money So to cut a long story short she got the money after about 2 weeks and told me she had opened an account with 24 Options and her words where (Quote)Since we are going to set up your broker account over here in the state, we need to fund it also to avoid break down of wining signals doing trading because we are going to connect your broker account to our unique auto trading system.Any way after another week she sent me a screen shot of my balance it was $14500.21 So I then asked if I could make a withdrawal This was on a Monday She said she would do it on Wednesday I contacted her on the Wednesday and she told me (Quote) I have placed your withdrawal request and I received a notification that a fee of $1150 before the withdrawal request can be approved
Your total profits is $26300.08 So in other words she wanted me to send another $1150 so I asked her if the money could be deducted from the balance So the $1150 will come out of the account balance Her reply No you will make the deposit so that your withdrawal request can be approved and your withdrawal of profits can takes place I then logged into my 24 Options account and also had a chat with the broker and was told that (Quote) Roy Mellone From 24Options
Sorry we have email on your name, but balance is 0 on this account and there is no transactions with your account, i suppose you was scammed So I then realized that this is another bloody scam and this ***** has to stopped
So is there any authority or Police department I can contact to report her and get her charged
I look forward to your reply
Regards Richard Caldwell
From Newcastle Australia
Richard Caldwell--Small Claims Court in New York can handle claims for amounts under $5000, I think. If the party you sue does not pay, you can realistically ask that her driver's license be taken away, I recall. Useful agencies abound, too: CFTC, FNRA, etc. Good luck!--feaisland55
Don't forget CFTC.gov as a place to complain. That US bank account is an excellent lead in tracking down the scammers.

Oh, and don't send money to people who claim wild profits on FaceBook.