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Hi there humans of the effed up world we live in.. my god the polarizing crumble between the interdenominational contrasts we all walk through our lives so uniquely introspective, has become to undeniable clear. The veils just keep lifting!!! I digress.... Another voiceless victim here to add to the literal OCEAN of blinded hopeful souls trying to create a better chance at sustaining financial security for ourselves and families. I invested just around the 100k USD equivalent in ETH holdings into what I now have discovered is just a new snake skin of a rapidly growing global siphoning of a VERY large market cap of the little mans collective wealth. They exit scammed and dropped offline 10 days ago... I've been a blurred nightmare of waking reality as I seemingly go deeper and deeper into understanding the bigger picture. I've been double scammed on top of Beurax in an attempt to gain help (I'm sure that's not a shocker to many already having been down this dark dark path). In attempts to recover I was lead down another shady path to EMEND JAMES, bogus recovery scam artists to in moments of fear based SHOCK reaction to Beurax's exit with my money, somehow convinced me there was such a thing as an escrow "activation fee" for release of my recovered funds into my wallet.

Woah... I have actually never felt quite so unintelligent in my life ( I WORK IN ESCROW.. oof... hello humble tumble of ego)

Probably a total long shot to think there is legit help or a fighting chance of slowing this down...creating awareness or exposing this. If the wallet I traced was and what I'm looking at is real, these guys are sitting on over 17 BILLION dollars of acquired funs in a less than 6 month turnaround. Not to mention the fact that I'm realizing I think there is a second layer to all this....

The people who have become familiar with this game and who shine at building global teams from behind a computer screen. They find the latest skin, use their recruitment power watch their commission profit pour into their asset collection and tell everyone who gets wrecked to "move on, that's just investing" within the same breath of their latest promotional promising pitch. Total misappropriation of using social media influence! Again a long shot on the hope spectrum right now ....

BUT HEY... when your a why girl, a ginger fiery soul and your motivated as hell to step completely into the lead roll in your Erin Brockovich in my own story...... that I think is so many of our stories.....

You will ask everywhere, you will post whatever you need to, you will keep using that voice that represents thousands, that at some point just maybe might be heard‍♀️✨

Scam Reporters

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Hi @MaxAmour0912

post a little bit more about this 'Emend James' fake recovery. Website, how you found him (he found you?), his messages, etc. How much did he take and via which channel (presumably crypto)?

In case you are US based, you may have a bit better chance...Did you contact respective law agency for both original scam and recovery scam?


I have not contacted local authorities. I've filed useless reports with SEC and ASIC. I hope to meet with an attorney this coming week, however I'm relatively sure he will not have the slightest clue where to begin. I'm hoping he can at least point me in the direction of one who might know a little more about this realm. Emend James was found via an emailed referral of "recovery specialists" :


I was provided with his "direct manager" at one point and actually spoke to someone:
872-216-9225... interesting is that when I ran a trace on that number after I spoke with whoever it was, the number came up as one affiliated with MyChargeback.

They operated using whatsup business (you would think that would have been my first RED FLAG.. umm hello dummy... I was clearly in a non lucid state of mind).

He had me open a blockchain wallet to deploy "sockets" that would allow them to run a chargeback for recovery. Tracing the hashes from where he had me send the funds from the blockchain account I established. I do believe this is this scammers current address with a ton a stolen funds.