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Khaled Khaled

Any one can help on this matter .. myself too I have been scamed by empfx and I could not got my money .. but my store is earlier .. I have requested to close my account 101561 (Close Account) since Mar 20, 2009, I was contacting Karim from Lebanon his email kzm@empfx.com .. after a lot of fight i have got almost the half of my money which are 10,000 USD and still need 13,000 USD .. below is the quote of the reply from Karim which dated date Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 8:58 PM.

Good Day Mr. Khaled,
First we would like to apologize for our delayed response to your emails. As per your telephone conversation with Mr. Karim please note that due to some problems with our major fund account we will be sending you $10,000 today from our own account and the rest of the amount plus delay compensation will be wired before the end of August.
Again we would like to apologize for this delay which was due to circumstances that we couldn't control.

Kindest Regards,
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any help will be highly appreciated ..


Khaled Khaled

Karim Malas Facebook account

below is Karim Malas Facebook Account

Karim Malas | Facebook

he sent me the email below which may help FPA:

Karim Malas October 18, 2009 at 11:34pm Report
Hello Khaled,
Am sorry for my delayed response. Anyway I spoke to the management and they will be paying you the rest of your money at Oct 31. I know that we promised to pay before but the major managed fund account faced alot of troubles and the money we are going to wire are covered by EMPfx.
So please accept our apology and hopefully you will get your money at the end of this month.
Thank you