Empireoption scam ! beware !


Hello guys,

I have deposited to this bulls*** broker and now I realized that I have been scammed very nice.

They hang on a very crazy term for their clients.

I have deposited $100 to trade with them and now they require me that if I want to make a withdrawal :

1. Wait 10 days

2. Trade at least 20 orders (minimum volume $25/order)

3. Fee cost $30 wherever I withdraw to.

4. Minimum withdrawal $200 (2 times higher than minimum deposit, this is s***)

I have won to $233.98 and want to withdraw my money then they put a s*** on my face with these crazy conditions. But when I started depositng, I tried to ask them any restrictions to withdrawal money, they told no.

This is the crazy terms the pull out with th obvious aim to control the money of clients and do not let them withdraw any way.

Stay away from this f***ing broker. Thanks.
Why would you deposit $100 with a broker that has a minimum withdrawal of $200?
Why would you deposit $100 with a broker that has a minimum withdrawal of $200?

Because binary companies allow deposits as low as $1. So a better question is: why would you deposit for a binary company...

The only relief is that they scammed him with $100 only, it could been worse.

buidunaus - how did you deposit?
I deposited via Skrill.

Today I got an email from Empireoption that they told : "You have to turnover $6300 to withdraw due to bonus"

=)) Unfortunately. I didnt have any bonus from them. Its my real cash on my balance.

This company is so f***ing scam like this.

They told me 20 trades. Okay, today I made enough 20 trade and made other $212.98 withdrawal order. This company came to scam again.

Go ahead and file a complaint with Skrill. This won't get your money back, but more than one broker has mysteriously lost the use of different payment processors.

Did your account have any bonus applied? If so, it's probable that the TOS from EmpireOptions have all sorts of restrictions to make getting money out very difficult.
I filed them.
I remade a withdrawal request from 23/4 but no still no money.

Scam REALLY !!
Only $100