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Hello everyone , is a new broker introduced to the market who claims they are STP broker , anyway i opened a new small account with them to try their trading environment and asked them before i deposit if they allow scalping and EA trading and they said yes because they have variable spread , so i deposited 500 USD and i used my scalping EA which i programmed by myself and traded for about 2 months but the market was a little bad for me so my account went down to 90$ and they was happy that they even called me to see if everything is fine i said yes no problem , and i continued trading until the market turned a little fine for me and i managed to get my deposit back + 79$ profit only ,
then i saw some bad reviews on FPA so i decided to withdraw my money but then they began complaining about my EA and said that i should've taken their permission before i can trade with EA ( WTF ? ) i already asked many times and they was happy with my trading but as all may know that's what brokers say to take away your money ,
i even told them its ok if you send me the deposit only without the 79$ profits and they refused .

anyway ,
take care guys when you are dealing with



Make sure to leave them a review so that everyone can know what they did. Also, let them know about this discussion thread.




I have the same problem with estocks. I used scalping EA and after small profit my account was disabled and i received email with Settlement Agreement from estock where I can withdraw only 1000$ !!! but I deposited 1360$ + small profit. They ignored all my emails and when I tried to chat with support I was rejected, because as they told me I SPAMMED THEIR SUPPORT SERVER when I asked for explanation.
Also I can't post any statement on forum!!! It is against their SA.

I said OK, signed SA and sent it back. But nothing!

I waiting for my funds now.


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