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My friend traded on their platform with success. Not as good for serious traders however Good for beginners. It is in the form of a forex game. It puts the fun back into trading.


eToro good(ish)

I started with eToro, so I was disappointed when I moved on 'cos no other broker was as fun! My ACM platform, although excellent, is a bit somber to look at, no little fat men running around! As sam111 says, they are definitely good for someone who has no experience, everything is simply laid out and straight forward to follow, lets remember that this platform has won awards. But the inevitable will happen, once comfortable you will realize that you are being short changed with their choice of currency pairs, as well as their spreads, they don't even offer fractional pips yet, that is 1 of the reasons why I am with ACM now. Positive points to look at are the low entry amount, $50, coupled with a large choice of different leverage offered.

I noticed on the FPA review page that many clients are complaining about withdrawal problems, I never experienced this. Looking closer, and I may be way off the mark here, it seems that these problems lie with eToro clients that originate outside of there something in that? I don't know.


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etoro wire deposit method

my name is abolade olanrewaju samuel i wired $590 to etoro since 23rd of september 2010 but they did not credit my account. i have sent them the scanned copy of my wired transaction form they said it is ok but still they did not credit my account.i have contacted them through emails and chat
but nothing was done .any person with assistance that will make me get my fund back should please send an email user name with etoro is laurenchy


etoro has credited my account

thanks to the FPA for opportunity to paste review and their relentless effort to wipe out scamming broker .etoro has finally credited my account but i will not give them any rating until i have seen how long it takes to make a withdrawal since depositing takes a month plus.


I too have tried out etoro's trading platform and am reminded of video games rather than a forex platform.
So, as in video games, we have to pay in order to play....And since I am not much of a video gamer, I just moved on to other Brokers.


I have had an account with etoro since July of 2010 with a deposit of $10k. In about 4 months I made a profit of about 150% and decided to withdraw half my money. After reading some of the bad reviews here and elsewhere i was a bit nervous that i would not see the money but as promised, after 3 days of initiating my withdrawal I received the 15k. I trade a lot during certain periods and etoro has made more money from comissions on my trades then what i had initially deposited so it makes more sense to be honest then to scam people. They do need to improve their chart package. I dont really trade during the news events or with high risk trades so i cant speak of any problems with not being able to close my trades fast enough. They are ok


Etoro won't guarantee order placed.

Hi there,

Just want to share my bad experience with Etoro, it won't execute my pending order. When I send in my complaint with screenshots of the fail transaction, I've been ask to read their terms and conditions, taken from their reply:

"Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that orders will be filled as requested in all cases, as stated in our terms and conditions, as we are obligated to maintain under our broker - RetailFX (Terms and Conditions , Section: 3.6.1.)".

Basically They will not guarantee anything, so if you set a pending order and their system fail to execute it and you suffer financial loss, its your own fault. Or if you close the trade and they fail to execute it, again its your own fault.

I want to clarify this, there are others claiming that they have a fantastic experience with eToro, and its mostly the trader own inexperience or internet failure that cause the disruption. Well firstly, my internet works fine, my other trading platform is working when Etoro fail. Secondly, its a Pending Order, meaning that the record is already in Etoro system since 31 of Aug, so it couldn't have been my internet or pc failure. Thirdly, thou I am new in Etoro, I am not so newbie in trading, I will accept losses if its my own mistake, but I will not take the broker's failure as my own.

Bottom line, stay away from it, I have yet to try getting back my funds, reading their terms now. lets see how will it goes.