eToro refused to close my unused account


After I have made little profit from eToro, I have realized that they are great for forex learning environment for newbies but not suitable for serious trader. So I asked eToro support to close my account. But support staff "Kate" did copy-and -paste answer again and again and refused to close my account without reason.

Kate: Welcome to eToro support ! How may I help you today?
Kate: In order to better assist you, kindly provide your username.
you: I want to close my account. My username is ********.
Kate: Since the credentials for your account are kept confidential, only you have the access to your account. eToro does not charge maintenance fees. Thus, if you uninstall the platform, and do not log in for a while, your account will be considered inactive.
Kate: You also have the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list by clicking the "click here" link located at the top of each promotional e-mail. Clicking on that link will remove you from any future mailings.
Kate: Please note, if you have remaining funds in your account it is recommended to withdraw them first. To learn more about the withdrawal process please use the link below:
Kate: Deposit Withdrawal FAQ | eToro
Kate: Should you change your mind and wish to come back.. we will be more than happy to see you with us
Kate: Deposit Withdrawal FAQ | eToro

They are saying that I only have to leave my account untouched "for a while" (how long?) to close my account. I think their customer management lacks common sense. Why they are refusing to close account immediately upon customer's request?


It's probably standard practice for them. They are hoping you change your mind and come back. If they close the account and you come back, then you have to go through the account opening procedure again.

Make sure there's no money left in your account. Then contact them again and make it plain that you want the account permanently closed.


eToro Representative
Dear okeydate,

Contrary to the support staff member’s response, eToro does allow you to close your account. Since eToro doesn’t charge maintenance fees most customers prefer to leave their account inactive rather than close it all together, however you’re perfectly right in asserting that the customer has the right to have his/her account closed should they choose so.

We are sincerely sorry that you received inadequate customer service and we will make sure that this doesn’t happen again. If you still want to close your account, please contact us at with your account details and we will execute your request immediately.

Sincere regards,
Laura, eToro Team