Etoro's system are making you lose


It was outrageous that because of their trading platform fault I lost $240.
It's about two BUY GBP/USD positions.
I was in one click mode and about to change my stop loss for this two positions.
I entered the value in the box and clicked ok when the system got frozen.
I couldn't click anywhere at that time. Everything was disabled.
I was waiting and waiting several seconds the icon disappeared but at the sudden
I see that my position reached the stop loss and I just lost my money.
It was very strange:confused: Then I was astute I pulled up some evidence. At the graph one can see that the position closing time was 2 minutes before than actual SL. GBPUSD(1 minute)20130705092829.png So it's a proof that their server is making delays and or messing things up. I didn't get any refund and they admit that they have problems with their system. take a look at the chat transcript:

It's another issue but there they admit their fault.
Js Fs: I clicked History but it doesn't list the deposit I made the last several month
Sophie: It only shows within the lst 6 months
Js Fs: ok I see, but what does it mean Bonus on the list like Bonus 0.06 cents
Js Fs: Bonus 07/01/13 Credited 06.11 USD eToro Credits
Js Fs: things like that
Sophie: it means that you were refunded this amount
Sophie: for a technical error
Sophie: or something like this
Js Fs: I see. I didn't even know about it :)
Sophie: It was a technical compensation for a trade that went wrong in a guru's account, I believe
Js Fs: ok thank you, nothing else