Etx capital scam


I've been trading with ETX capital several times. My account number is 123746. On 1st of June 2014 i have made a deposit of 3,000 EUR. They had a promotion and i have received 1,800 euro credit bonus (60%) as per Terms and Conditions they have applied. I have traded with that amount and managed to make profit which i have requested to withdraw. The account manager called me and told me that if i withdraw only the profit they will not affect the bonus they awarded me and i agreed with that. After a few days i have lost the deposited amount and also the bonus they have offered me. My acount balance was close to 0.

The account manager told me that if i make another deposit he will be able to add me bonus again. I decided on 28/7/2014 (2 months later) to make another deposit. I have made another 3,000 EUR deposit and he add me 1800 credit. My account balance was 4,800 EUR. (3000 deposited and 1800 added by them). I have made profits and i have tried to withdraw the amount. The account manager told me that if i only withdraw the profits i will be able to keep the bonus. I have made a request to withdraw the profits and then he emailed me and told me that my profits are to be considered amounts above 9,600 Euro. I was very surprised since my account balance was below 9600 euro. Then he explained me that he added up all my deposited amounts and all the credited bonus and got to the figure of 9600 EUR. I said him that there is nothing like that written on terms and conditions and also the IB that recommended me this broker never said anything about this. He insisted on the fact that i should keep on trading and not make any type of withdrawal. I told them that is not much i can do about this fact because they still had my money and asked him to provide me the difference from the account after deducting what they consider to be their bonus of 3600 EUR. He insisted that i should not withdraw the money and that he will give me even more bonuses and all types of excuses to keep me out from withdrawing.

After serveral days he finally accepted my withdraw request. ETX withdraw 3600 EUR from my account balance , ETX STOLE 1800 EUR, from my money and transferred me the difference. This BROKER IS A SCAMMER THAT STOLE his client. I will file a complaint to FCA hope they will get a fine for this if they will still exist. For me there is no difference between 4XP broker that had no license and ETX who steals money from clients when they win. Please consider before making deposits to this BROKER. They seem to have issues when it comes to withdrawals . He just got into my category of "FX BROKERS THAT KILL THE TRADING MARKET"


What is current amount in your account right now ?

and what reason they told you regarding that 1800 EUR ?
Yesterday my account balance was 9,075 eur. This transaction was like this :

1. Deposit 3,000 EUR
2. Bonus 1,800 EUR.
3. Profit 4,275.

They told me that they considered the 1st bonus that i have received 2 months ago in the balance above(that amount i have lost including my deposit amount). They have added up 1800 twice and concluded that in the balance above their bonus is 3,600. Then i have asked how much profit do i have on that transaction. He replied saying that i don't have any profit since my profit is only above 9,600 EUR. After half an hour of chat with him on the phone i have convinced him to give me the difference between 9,075 and 3600 (amount they considered to be their bonus). They did not agree with any type of withdrawal but since i said several times i will complain to FCA if they scam me they gave me the difference of 5,475 EUR. They stole me only 1800 EUR.

I have mentioned several times that they did not specify in any TERMS AND CONDITIONS the fact that if i loose their bonus i will have to recover it from future profits nor have they corrected the account balance before second time i have deposited money and i was not even informed by my account manager about this. After i have deposited the second amount of 3,000 EUR they have added me up another 1,800 EUR bonus and did not correct the amount of my account with the amount they said i owe them.
The amount in my account is 0 now. They have withdraw the 3600 amount which they considered to be their bonus then they said to have sent me the difference from 9,075 EUR. Haven't received it yet.

They said that first i have to cover the first bonus then i can withdraw my amount of money. The bonus i have received 2 months ago and which i have lost together with the deposited amount.


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I can sort of see counting an old bonus (but think it's evil and lame). Counting your previously lost money against you is 100% wrong in my book.
If they disclose the fact that they are counting all history of trading in your account when taking into consideration your amount in the balance of the account , there is no FX trader in this world that after loosing 10,000 Euro will deposit another 10,000 EUR to cover the loss. I think they are about to close it since i have lots of friends telling me that Lucian Gladstone is calling desperately to deposit money. He is offering bonuses an so on. I still did not receive into my account the amount he said he has sent.