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were as a result of scalping which is considered improper behaviour under our Terms and Conditions.
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My question would be: ETX Capital, can you please DEFINE it in a crystal clear manner on the grounds on how scalping can be considered as a trading offense even though it's written in your so-called Terms and Conditions? To what extent trades are define as scalping in your TERMS and CONDITIONS as of DATE. At what time, the logs, and what day during the trading hour. Please be clear.

Second question: Since you've stated that the clients were under scalping offense. What's with this statement then?

"However, having looked at each trade, it was discovered that the profit made on the trades was as a result of gaming which is considered improper behaviour under our Terms and Conditions."

May I then asked, what is consider as GAMING, and to what extent can it be clearly defined as SUCH. Clear explanation please and I am referring to your TnC as of DATE.