Do not allow this event to happen to you as I was guided to their website and told to make a deposit.
I ended up making 3 deposits as the trader totalling $10 000 $USD and when I asked for the funds to be returned the trader said he would do it but I had to make a trade so that the account could be activated.

opened up 2 trades on the advise of the trader and it ends up in a loss situation.After 2 days I asked that the trades be closed and the money returned or whatever was remaining.

Told that he would ensure that I would not be at a loss situation so he asked that I go to the platform and make another deposit.
Told to make a deposit of $4000 USD and then I discovered that he used the authorization to make 2 more withdrawals taking my total to $10 000 USD.

On discovering this I confronted this trader and he said that it had to be done to enable the company to add on another $5000 to use as insurance.
In another instance he asked that I turn on SKype so that he could share the screen and then asked me to logg on to my internet banking where he could see what my accounts balances were that I had.

Another instance using this method he asked for an authorization of a $500 and then used that authorization to .withdrawn a totyal of $4000 USD because I had reached the limit.

I cannot seem to get this trader to return any funds and eeven excercising a withdraw option it was always cancelled..
How can I get my funds back? a Total of $24 000 USD. At the closing of the last trade I had enough equity to have that amount returned. Is this an occurence that is reported..