EUR/USD tradeupdate 25th March 2013

Jarratt Davis

Special Consultant to the FPA
Hi Everyone!

The EUR/USD trade has played out pretty much as i was expecting it to, as we had a nice reaction from the 1.3000 level on Friday / today .... Obviously you may have decided to take some pips off on Friday rather than hold over the weekend (Which is wise) but you could have comfortably got back in on the move down as the price sat between our 1.3000 - 1.3100 levels at the London open.

The drop has fallen nicely and is at at the 1.2835 area as i type this which is pretty much where we were looking for it to go off the back of the Cyprus debacle.
I have just taken my positions off here and am not out of the euro for a while until we get something else interesting pushing the markets.

If you would like to take your profits off here then feel free to do so, if you want to hold i would advise you to at least set your stop to break even as you do.

I have my eye on the yen pairs again over the next couple of days so i will keep you all updated on some possible moves setting up on those as and when i'm taking the trade...

Hope some of you managed to catch this with me!

Thanks :)
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Thanks for your analysis Jarratt. Also for your book which I am reading at the moment. I would recommend to anyone that has not ordered one to do so. It has already changed my attitude to the way I trade. Well written:cool:


Hi Jarratt,

Yes I certainly did achieve some good gains with your analysis of shorting the EU. I felt comfortable in my trade knowing I was following your suggestion and I could see that it was also inline with current fundamentals and S/R levels. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to your further advise on YEN when it's applicable. Thanks again, much appreciated. Cheers!

serge jallad

Hi if you can please help me with the purchase of your electronic book because on amazon it says its not available in your region (Middle East) and I am very interested in purchasing and reading the book. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks