That was a decent move. I've not traded EURAUD for a while, but it use to be one of my favourites. May have to keep an eye on it this week for the rebound.


This has been a great setup so far mate. Nice explanation too. The 500 pip move was brilliant and seems it has more to give.
Looking back at EURAUD again. The move still continues. If you took this from the supply zone at the top then you will be 375 pips up on this currently.
We had the pullback at 50% rest stop area and then the continuation. Broke below that level of support so i believe it should continue down now to TP of 500 pips to the long term trend.
I would take full profits at this point then look to see what is happening around that area, if it breaks below then look to get in on the retest of the broken trend for another big push down. Great R:R this trade was of 1:6View attachment 50787
been wtaching this analysis and expecting a slow movement for the upcoming week. what are you thinking?


After taking profit on the big drop from the top with 500 pips. Its back on EURAUD this weekend to look for the next setup. As you can see pricehit that support level and has bounced right back up and hit the .618 fib. Where from here? either reject off the fib and come back to the .382 fib and support level for another push?
Or could we still see further push up for the double top M formation as drawn. Either one we can be ready to enter. Keep your eyes peeled on this one peeps. Personally id like to see it test the top resistance again, its such an easy trade to take with little risk involved. Enjoy your weekend see you all on monday :)View attachment 51067
Currently in no mans land as continued on up with no sign of pull back. so hope to see this top out at 1.65900 and then back down. lets see what this week brings?


Late one today sorry ive been busy. Looking at EURAUD again today as its approaching a critical zone. Were almost back up to the top from where we sold last time. But this time i dont think we will see such a big drop . In my opinion i think we will get a shorter drop of around 300 pips or so, maybe even a little less before another attack of the top zone. Look for this daily candle wick to fill and then rejection round the top to sell. Thats what i will be doing GLIYF