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Euro Zone Interest Rate Statement

Discussion in 'Economic Indicator Descriptions' started by Felix Homogratus, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Felix Homogratus

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    Oct 1, 2007
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    Euro Zone Interest Rate Statement comes out once per month at 7:45 am New York Time.

    When interest rate of a country is higher, it attracts investors to buy its currency, which increases the value of the currency versus other currencies.

    So, when interest rate is unexpectedly hiked, traders tend to speculatively buy Euros, so EUR/USD tends to go up. When interest rate is unexpectedly cut, traders tend to speculatively sell Euros, so EUR/USD tends to go down. Sometimes economists expect that Euro Zone will raise its interest rate, but they keep it unchanged. In such case traders will also sell Euros, and EUR/USD will probably go down. Or if it's expected that Euro Zone will cut its rate, but they keep it unchanged, traders will buy Euros, so EUR/USD will probably go up.

    I highly recommend you see the history of this indicator and charts of how it affected EUR/USD and other currencies. You can do that by following this link: Forex News Trading | Details and History for EUR Interest Rate Statement

    If you want me to email you 1 day before this report is released, and explain to you in details on how to trade it, then please sign up for my free trading signals by going to this link:
    Forex Daily Trading Signals - Forex Peace Army Forum

    In the signal, I tell you exactly how many pips the currency will most likely move, depending on the difference between expected and actual numbers.
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