Eurobondfx huge rip off


About a month ago Eurobondfx consultant Calvin Antonochi contacted me and pressured and conned me into signing up with them promising me 7day protected account for 500USD.A few days later his "manager" David Harris phones and cons me out of another 500USD with a 14day protected account. Totalling 1000USD in this alledged account and its been a month now and when I try and email I get no reply or some sort of lame excuse. On the 15-7-2014 when I emailed and asked for a refund I received a call from some other person from Eurobondfx claiming to be in accounts department and telling me that my second deposit they some how did not receive and that I should contact Algocharge and ask them for a reversal of that payment...I sent emails and still got NO REPLY ! Last week the 27-7-2014 yet another person named Sean Austin from Eurobondfx phones me and tries to sell me some other crap that they have, I told him I don't have any other interest in their company other than getting my money back. After complaining and telling him how unhappy I was he then in turn was polite enough to tell me he would look into it and call me back...HE NEVER DID ! Is there any way that I can get my money back I would not like to think that these people can get away with cheating others out of their hard earned money it is so Unfair.


EurobondFX - AstonMarkets is organized international criminal group:
I think that Interpol must work with it.
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