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Discuss EuroDollarSignal.com

General discussions of a financial company
it was a long stony way...

Hello everybody,
first I have to apologize for my poor english, because I am german and school with englishlessons is 30 years ago.
After many years of bad experiences in several jobs with people trying to cheat, mob, or double-cross me, some day I got the inspiration: ( please don´t laugh): Take a look at the market,and I started. First I tried to deal the DAX ( german index) but with suboptimal success. The I set the focus on Forex, roamed through the internet and read tons of bullsh.... that always left one question to me: Why do all these guys, that found the "holy grail" to make thousands of pips every day, make the effort to sell it to daffy loosers instead of simply shutting up and getting rich?
Well, I think, most of you know the answer.
So, after months of trying to trade Forex on my own, with buckets of coldsweat oozing out of me, I luckily found your website through a apparently honest guy, who has a website called "EuroDollarSignal".
Now I have the feeling of being well received and really appreciate your efforts to help everybody that is brave enough to enter the fray in Forex.
Thank you very much and good trades to everybody
Great Job.

Dear Trader@eurodollar Signal.com,

Your Signals Are Excellent As Iwas Out Of Station For The Past Two Months I Cant Follow Your Signal.please Continue Your Service.
I think Eurodoller trader is very sincere in his approach - but not using stoploss is very dangerous - his last trade (beginning of november) was a huge looser with minus 400pips!
eurodollar Signal

Dear Trader@eurodollar Signal.com
Thank you very much for good euro / usd 500 pips signal ,well done and keep on .