EVEREST MARKETS Don,t pay money for 3 month to 25 people from REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA

Hi my name is Leonid and i am from Rep. of Moldova
I,v deposited first time 1000$ on june 2013 lost all my money, than deposited aggain 1000$ aggain lost my money, on 30 jully aggain 1000$ and made a profit of 2350. Than i decided to withdraw my profits, 1350 on 19september 2013 i,v made a withdraw on my moneybookers account, the moeny from my JFOREX account was taken but no money on my skrill acc.
All i heard is that everestmarkets has it,s money bloked on moneybookers and they asked me to wait.
On the 7,th Nov.2013 i made a total withdraw to my bankaccount, no money Max Fuller told me that he is no responsable to withdraws, financial department is ignoring my emails totaly.
I was invited to everestmarkets by Donos Victor that is a partner with everestmarkets, but he is from moldova too, also i know that 25 or 26 people from rep. of Moldova cant get their money back for 3 months!!!
Pls help us to get our money back, and also addvice what we can do???
P.S EverestMarkets are thievs and criminals, they are stealing people money how could it be?
I,m passing through a big nervouis breakdown, i,v lost my relations with my famaly, for 2350$ is very much money...


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I am very sorry to hear that, exactly the same happend to me :(
They are criminals and I hope FPA can stop them


hi all
these peoples also in tension because of everestmarkets
everestmarkets is real scam company and they are all cheaters and criminals
they also not paying my money from last 3 months
and there is same case with me from the side of everestmarkets

everestmarkets is scam scam scam and cheater company
and partner with FXDD
beware from these two companies

thank you


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Leonea, go ahead and file a complaint with econsumer.gov - Your site for cross-border complaints.

If you deposited using MoneyBookers, file a complaint with them. MB won't refund your money, but they might at least stop dealing with Everest if enough complaints come in.

Email an invitation to Max Fuller and FXDD. Ask them to join this thread and explain where your money is.
Hello to everyone, and a big thnks to Pharaoh.
I,v allready send a complaint to FMA.gov.nz , and today i will also do it with econsumer.gov - Your site for cross-border complaints.
Some days aggo i was sending with 2-3 emails everyday to Max Fuller, financial department, and to complaint team of EML their email is: (compliance@everestmarkets.com) and I got a response from them: here it is:

"Dear Mr. Diaconu,
Thank you for choosing Everest Markets as your trading partner.
We regret if you have experienced any problems whilst attempting to withdraw your funds form Everest Markets Limited. At this time withdraws may only be processed via Bank Transfer and not by our previous withdraw methods which included Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal or Moneybookers (Skrill).
As you have contacted the compliance department (New Zealand) we will require detailed information as to your case so that we can assist you. Please provide us with the information requested (sent) and your case number or withdraw reference.
Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards,
Everest Markets Compliance & Audit"

I send them an email, and send them all the information with all need details for bank transfer. Now i am in a waiting period, hopefully everything will be fine.
With much respect! Leonid Diaconu Gheorghe