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Since our inception in 2006, many brokers have tried to copy our brand and use Royal in their name in hopes to affiliate themselves with our globally trusted brand. For the occasion of our 15th anniversary and as part of our ongoing brand evolution, we have decided to uplift our brand name from “Royal” to “OneRoyal” to enforce the fact that we are the ONE Royal broker that you have always trusted and to reflect and symbolize our thriving future and proud history.

Over the last 15 years, we were ONE as a team, with ONE Spirit and ONE Passion. Today, we maintain our promise of infinite support, infinite opportunities, infinite trading, all for ONE purpose: Having you as our number ONE.

Our new logo is a modification of our last. We have retained the logo's core element: the font, as we are proud of our rich history and core values, and added an upgoing arrow highlighted in the letter “A”, a symbol of the trading industry that expresses our growth and ambitions. Yellow is the colour of optimism; therefore, it's at the start and the heart of our logo.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news in the upcoming months.