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Problem Exness technical glitch or whatever wiped out my FULLY HEDGED account on 22/5/2024 and till now have REFUSED to refund my over $3,000. Pls HELP ME!

I am having an issue with a company
@Sonnyinyang I'm still waiting to see the image of the trade record of the ticket being closed. You silence is making me wonder if the position was really opened as 0.03, then 0.01 of that was removed with a partial close at some later point. The Abandoned Complaint rules can be used if you chose to ignore relevant questions by senior members. I'm reasonably sure my question above is relevant.

A full MT4 statement from the date trade ticket #466074465 was opened until its final closure would prove what size it opened at, whether there was a partial close or not, and what size it closed at.
I use MT5 and do not know how to get a full statement. I really would appreciate if you or any one could Kindly guide me on how to get this FULL STATEMENT from MT5, please, thanks. Attached once again are the various proofs of how that particular trade BUY 1.28563 with ticket/order number 466074465 had moved from 0.03 lot(March 10th 2024) to 0.02 lot(April 22 2024) and then back to 0.03 lot on 22/5/2024 when they wiped out my account. The financial commission is also very interested in this matter and willing to Re-investigate the matter and are asking me to provide the full statement in excel format showing (Positions+Orders+Deals). I had sent them the full statement of my account from exness for the period under contention(WHICH VINDICATES ME), but they are asking me for the full statement in excel format showing (Positions+Orders+Deals) from MT5. Please, anyone knows how I can get this from MT5, please?


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