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Problem Exposing Bitcoiin2Gen, Options Rider, Banc De Option, Fast Options and about dozen and a half more

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
On or around 24-25 July 2020, acting on the forwarded arrest order issued by the US FBI and based on then-sealed the DOJ indictment, the Serbian police has arrested and detained in custody 11 members of what was announced to have been the international cyber-fraud organization, involved in cryptocurrencies scams for years. Sketchy details from began to unfold in the past months, bringing more details on this particular law enforcement action. We shall try to summarize all the information available, as well as to bit a bit more then the others, for the purpose of notifying publicly the most important and vulnerable category in every binary/crypto/forex scam - the damaged investors.

As per various press releases as well as excellent sources from famous www.behindmlm.com:

''Serbian police have arrested a group suspected of an online scam worth more than US$70 million following a joint investigation with the FBI, the interior ministry has announced. Eleven people from Australia, Montenegro, the Philippines and Serbia were detained on charges that they "created, promoted and organized" 16 fake investment platforms. They are suspected of swindling investors from all around the world who placed funds in international bank accounts connected to the group's organizers, a Serbian police statement said. "After that, the group, on the order of the organizers, closed these fake investment platforms and after some time reopened new ones with the same practiced method," the statement said. "There is a reasonable suspicion that the organizers and members of this group obtained illegal property worth more than $70 million," the Serbian said. The investigation was led by the Serbian Prosecutor's office for organized crime and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), since the group is suspected of scamming investors from Texas, among others''

1605042770117.png 1605042810481.png 1605042849331.png 1605042950048.png 1605042997465.png

The actual situation is, however, a bit more complicated then reported.

The 11 arrested people are, per local press release and our information combined, as follows:

1) Kristijan Krstic and
2) his wife Xenia Faye Atilano, a.k.a Ksenija Krstic,
3) Marko Pavlovic,
4) Uros Selakovic,
5) Nenad Krstic,
6) Antonije Stoiljkovic,
7) Andrija Selakovic,
8) Miloš Mitic,
9) Blazo Radulovic,
10) Nikola Dimitrijevic,
11) Nenad Mladenovic

The list (with some comments) of fake binary, crypto or forex-alike websites, detected by us, so far:

Bitcoiin2Gen (or B2G MLM crypto scam featuring ex Hollywood action star Steven Seagal - more on that later)
Options Rider
Fast Options
Hedger Tech
Start Options
Dragon Mining Tech
Crypto Mining Space
Palilula Mining
(name 'Palilula' is apparently a part of the city of Nis, Serbia, where the group was arrested)
BTC Trader Online
BTC Mining Factory
Coin Pool Mining
Banc de Options
(thorex.us platform)
Sky Options
Option World
(pls see web archive here, info on South African victims)
via it's TLD www.signaliforex.com (pls see web archive here) and archived Ontario financial regulator warning from 2013 linking signaliforex, bankoptions and optionsworld to the same Aussie scam company KJW KRISWORLD DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD, owned by Kristian Krstic, Serbian-Australian citizen
targeting Japanese clients (link)
(with attached FB link)

and probably more yet uncovered websites (so far, we count 27 of them, while 16 are mentioned in the press and indictment from the USA). All welcome to further explore and find domains, linked pages etc. We believe the list is much bigger, as the scam operations were conducted between 2011 and 2019. Some of the websites are still operational (but, hopefully unmaintained).

Per recent local and regional press releases, one group member (Antonije Stoiljkovic, allegedly a local pop musician and artist) voluntarily accepted to be extradited and has received a protected witness status. Soon after, the High Court has issued a resolution, accepting all 11 members of the alleged scam group to be extradited, per US DOJ request. All the defendant's lawyers objected, stating disparity of legal systems where the trial is to be held (USA, where Anglo-Saxon law rules apply, as opposite to the most of European law practices), significantly harsher sentences compared to the local laws, higher defense costs and the distance to the place of trial. Appeals are in the process at this moment. In case of 1st accused, Mr Kristijan Krstic (a.k.a Kris Krstich) and his spouse Mrs Faye Atilano, it gets even more complicated, as Mrs Faye Atilano is about to give birth to their third child, giving total of 4 children (eldest being from Mr Krstich first marriage, ex-spouse deceased) that would be left in state custody, should she go to trial. As for the rest of the group, it may well be that some of them were a mere IT consultants or web developers, unaware of what they were facilitating. This is yet to be determined in the course of a trial. Local sources did mention that the group leader(s) were residing in a southern city of Nis, Serbia and were attracting attention by boosting with their wealth (allegedly, luxurious cars, expensive clothes, even diamonds embedded in shoes). For damaged investors, probably the most important of all information we gathered is this: the police uncovered a bank account with 250 million balance (country and currency unclear at this moment) held in the name of Xenia Faye Atilano


photo: Xenia Faye Atilano a.k.a Ksenija Krstic (source: link)

More details very soon, stay tuned
After the voluntary extradition of one member (future witness), the remaining 10 gang members are to be extradited to the USA for a scheduled trial in the first days of January 2021. They are accused of wire fraud, money laundering and other crimes, scams via fake online platforms (that we identified already) hosted in China, Serbia, Philippines and Australia. Australia would be also very interested in material findings in this case, as group's leader is wanted in that country for financial crimes for years. After escaping to Philippines, he continued the 'trade', met his second wife, then moved to Serbia. From 2014 to summer 2020 the group was involved in many scams, Biitcoin2Gen (USA) and Options Rider (AU) being the most 'prominent' ones.

The crime group organizer Kristijan Krstic kept a very low profile, no social media presence in his name, while his wife Xenia Faye Atilano (about to give birth to a baby, their 3rd mutual child) was indicted in the DOJ papers and referred to as MAJDA PRETEJ (possibly Mayda Pretey) with fake passport of Republic of Slovenia, where allegedly she held bank account(s), used to collect crime proceeds, 'co-workers' payoffs, etc. They were reported as frequent guests of a well known local restaurant and generally known for luxury life, which made them stand out rather then blend.

There are several bank accounts located and seized, in various countries, in the fake name of Xenia Faye Atilano. This lady was involved to her neck, obviously. Her mother Jessica Atilano arrived from the Philippines to tend to the children and tries actively to help stop the extradition and local trial instead.


Jessica Atilano (source:link)

Formal court order was issued however the lawyers made an appeal to the supreme Court, during November 2020, with the final word on extradition being against the constitution or not, from the Justice Minister would be the final one. It is still unclear weather the discovered 250 million on various bank accounts are in local currency (making it little over 2 mn USD) or the 250 mn would be in USD, giving this scam a whole new level of importance. With the 70 mn USD damages in the USA only, the latter seems to be more logical theory. Strangely, local and regional news removed the information very soon after published via several media, fueling public suspicion. This usually happens when the journalists hurry up and display information potentially harmful to the investigation, then get a phone call and remove it. In addition, this case information are so 'airtight' locked, that nothing can be really learned at this point. We believe that the information on the discovered money is genuine, just the release is premature. But as long as it exists, it is a good signal to the victims.

We are sure more will be known soon, in the matter of a few weeks. As mysterious Kristian Krstic is also very scarcely exposed in general, we will gather additional info and post here in due time. Regarding the B2Gen scam promoted by Steven Seagal, it seems this ex-actor is not doing this for the first time. Similar scams but involving property were praised for money by him in Belarus and Dubai. He holds Serbian, Russian and Belorussian passports. More on these subject soon, as they point to quite interesting directions. This levels of scams are rarely done without serious and systematic support. And we will look into it with as much details as possible and available.
Per local reports, as of last week (Dec 17, 2020), the local Appeal Court has released the following 7 detainees out of 11, from prison cells to a strict home confinement, as they do not pose a threat to the ongoing case and will not be able to flee.

- Uros Selakovic,
- Nenad Krstic,
- Antonije Stoiljkovic*,
- Andrija Selakovic,
- Miloš Mitic,
- Nikola Dimitrijevic,
- Nenad Mladenovic

*Antonije Stoiljkovic voluntarily surrendered to the FBI, will be extradited to the USA and become a witness for the Texas court case, beginning in early January 2021.

- Xenia Faye Atilano-Krstic (wife of group leader Kristijan Krstic) is already at home confinement, as reported previously.

Persons remaining in prison till extradition day are:

- Kristijan Krstic, group leader
- Marko Pavlovic (unknown reason, obviously a significant part of this group)
- Blazo Radulovic, citizen of Montenegro

More info coming up soon.
It seems that this subject was already here on FPA long time ago (2012-2013), in this thread:

So, according to this information the list of scams should be 'replenished' by one more fake website, www.xoptionstrading.com:
  1. Xoptionstrading.com
  2. Bitcoiin2Gen (or B2G MLM crypto scam)
  3. Options Rider
  4. binaryoptionsconcierge.com
  5. preferredbinaryoptions.com
  6. Fast Options
  7. Hedger Tech
  8. Start Options
  9. Dragon Mining Tech
  10. Crypto Mining Space
  11. Palilula Mining
  12. BTC Trader Online
  13. BTC Mining Factory
  14. Coin Pool Mining
  15. Banc de Options (banqueoption.com)
  16. Instant-Options
  17. ThorEX (thorex.us platform)
  18. Sky Options
  19. Option World (pls see web archive here, info on South African victims)
  20. Bankoptions
  21. www.signaliforex.net via it's TLD www.signaliforex.com
  22. www.binaryoptionsxs.com
  23. www.binaryoptionxposed.com targeting Japanese clients (link)
  24. www.hostoption.com
  25. www.binarneopcijezarada.com
  26. www.vipforexxignals.com
  27. www.signauxbinaires.com
  28. www.arabicforexsignals.com (with attached FB link)
Also it may be possible that there are some ties to old scam www.worldfxsignal.com

Will be continued...
Texas still has the death penalty by firing squad! Would be interesting if there are any victims from TX and if the case would be tried there ;)
Texas still has the death penalty by firing squad! Would be interesting if there are any victims from TX and if the case would be tried there ;)
Victims from ND TX actually triggered FBI investigation. They face 20 years jail if convicted plus restitution payments.
NEW DEVELOPMENTS as of 4 Feb, 2020

Looks like things are moving in the right direction:

1. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2021/comp25020.pdf


2. https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndtx/pr/serbian-man-extradited-us-charged-70-million-fraud-north-texas


There are however lots of controversies in this matter, like withholding of information on an unseen level so far, discrepancies between Australian court proceedings Vs American ones (like the whereabouts of Mr Krstic in the ''relevant period' etc). We will be on it and give a full story as much as possible in the times to come, namely due to the connections that fly beyond court papers. And land with serious crime organizations on Balkans.

All in good time.
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Bitcoin generated a lot of new millionaires and a lot of them became rich from scamming suckers online with get-rich-quick schemes. As they say, "There is a sucker born every minute".
Bitcoin generated a lot of new millionaires and a lot of them became rich from scamming suckers online with get-rich-quick schemes. As they say, "There is a sucker born every minute".
Yes sadly...
Money can be made without scamming. Just takes work and knowledge.
2 things scammers hate.
Yes sadly...
Money can be made without scamming. Just takes work and knowledge.
2 things scammers hate.
It takes a high level of computer & technological skill and time to set up a scam site.
Then they market their scam to the billions of internet users to get those suckers who are easily duped into fast & easy money and/or those who are looking for love & sex with a pretty face.
Even with only 0.001% of their targets falling for their scam, that's still a lot of money and well worth their time & energy.