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It takes a high level of computer & technological skill and time to set up a scam site.
Then they market their scam to the billions of internet users to get those suckers who are easily duped into fast & easy money and/or those who are looking for love & sex with a pretty face.
Even with only 0.001% of their targets falling for their scam, that's still a lot of money and well worth their time & energy.
Or you buy a graylabel. Or pay people who build it.
But true. Worth their engagement.

Scam Reporters

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MORE INFORMATIO ON THE CASE - meet Antonije Stojiljkovic a.k.a. TONY

Following up on the latest extradition and new developments, we learned some additional information that would be interesting to the public.

A famous Behindmlm.com had covered extensively the case and keeps monitoring the legal case developments, as well as scammer's accomplices in the USA who were arrested/accused. Legal papers digested info on the scam group can be found here:

Now the stage names are also known:
  1. Kristijan Krstic, aka Kristian Jacobs, Felix Logan, Oliver Turner and Marshall Graham;
  2. Xenia Faye Atilano Krstic, aka Majda Pratejc, Xenia Faye Jacobs and Xenia Faye Atilano;
  3. Marko Pavlovic, aka Bjorn Emerson, Marlon Butler and Willem Adelbert;
  4. Uros Slakovic, aka Lax Lesmo, Michael [sic] Anderson and Abbey Brooks
  5. Haojia Miao, aka Stan Miao;
  6. Nenad Krstic, aka Roland Valgerdur and Kevin Ericsson;
  7. Antonije Stojiljkovic (extradited by his own will) aka Toni Rivas and Jacob Gold;
  8. Andrija Selakovic, aka Andy Alinary;
  9. Blazo Radulovic;
  10. Nikola Dimitrijevic;
  11. Nenad Mladenovic;
  12. Milos Mitic, aka Tom Hardian
One can note that no.10 and no.11 do not have stage names, which is in line with previous info we had - some of them were not aware of shat was happening and did a contract IT job, probably unaware of the scam or consequences (this is for the court to determine).
No 7. Antonije Stojiljkovic aka Toni Rivas and Jacob Gold is some kind of local musician or artist, his linked in picture, https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonije-stojiljkovic-16230250/




Balkaton ltd (link) is btw a local music-media company where the accused Antonije Stojiljkovic is part of a 'gang' with a locally famous pop singer called Rasta, who is sole owner of the company. the one to the far right is probably the accused Stojiljkovic, member of pop group:

The only reason why such details would be presented here is because of his 'artistic' name in the band:
Link - Zly Tony, or 'Evil Tony', as we were explained by local sources. It's some kind of local new-wave rap group hence the inventive names. But his Tony nick is in line with his scam stage name.

As we always reiterate - scammers follow patterns and rarely use brain to its full extent. Btw, this Rasta artist appears to have some drugs-related convictions, per local media sources. Last but not least, we were told that during the last few days and major crime-busts performed by the local police, of a local huge organized crime group, his (Rasta's) vehicle was reported parked outside the building where the crime group was brought for interrogation and later arrested to jail. Details are quite murky but it should be noted here that links between pop media individuals and criminals is not uncommon over there.

Local media also reported at the time that Mr Stojiljkovic comes from a wealthy family that immediately started selling assets to gather money for defense in the States, upon extradition.

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we were told that during the last few days and major crime-busts performed by the local police, of a local huge organized crime group, his (Rasta's) vehicle was reported parked outside the building where the crime group was brought for interrogation and later arrested to jail.
Adding info on the part where this 'Tony' character was connected in some way to organized crime, we bring the latest local news again:

Mentioned local pop-star Rasta, whose side-kick is/was Antonije Stojisavljevic a.k.a. Tony, had a manager - in fact entire pop group had a manager. The manager (ex-policeman) was reportedly arrested (one of many local articles link that shake the local audience for days) as he was confirmed to be a part of the large crime organization, that had deals in many industries like construction, sports, music, drugs, trafficking, murders, money laundering, etc. Most of these arrests (cybercrime group included) were coordinated and conducted via FBI and DEA. Many local political and government officials as well as state security service employees seem to be involved and it looks like Eastern Europe is getting its new Ukrainegate, as the issue is much wider scaled then this particular scam, e.g. a 2020 DEA discovery of a single-largest illegal cannabis plantation in entire Europe, facilitated and promoted by local Serbian government officials as organic food. Somewhere in this big mess, a glimpse of illegal Bitcoin harvesting facilities start to emerge, as well (this will be elaborated later on, as it is not directly tied to this thread)
Some informed sources state that the very same crime organization was in charge of protection, supervision and monthly payments collection for 'services' provided to many local boiler rooms.
It is therefore quite impossible that this particular cybercrime group organized by Kristijan Krstic acted independently, especially given the fact that per initial local news reports, upon raid and search, evidence of bank(s) accounts with some 250 million USD was discovered.

We should add some more input on Kristijan Krstic himself now.

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Update post in this thread very soon...