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Problem Exposing DomusFX www.domusfx.com

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
There is not much to say or report here as this is a quite low-profile online broker. Still, if by some strange coincidence someone decides to open an account, the following information should be known

DomusFX is an offshore Forex and CFD broker. Trustworthiness may be debated as it is Marshal Islands registered, as an ordinary IBC, hence no license of any sort exists. So the money deposited is ABSOLUTELY unsecured and probably not separated from the operator's funds, that are held at undisclosed location (bank account). Major red flags for anyone. In case the broker claims it operates in accordance to MiFID rules (standard scam broker's pitch these days), by all means - ask for both physical location of the staff that called you, bank accounts they hold for the business, etc. You will probably get nonsense answers.

Per broker's website, DomusFX Ltd Marshal Islands is the owner and operator of DomusFX trading website. Corporate registry shows that the company exists for about a year's time, but off course it has absolutely nothing to do with Forex, securities dealing or any sort of license.


The operators of DomusFX brand, are in fact based in Cyprus, which is not unusual (hundreds of similar are), while the call center that targets clients all over the world is located in the Republic of Serbia. It appears that this is a new favorite location in the Europe, as in the past few years call centers over there multiply at lightning speed. Seems as if this is the ''new Bulgaria'' when it comes to Forex and (now banned) Binary Options scam companies. Cypriot, Israeli, Turkish, Ukrainian, Romanian and some other Middle East 'investors' often seek business refuge in this country. Per our information, some of the most notorious binary options, Forex and Crypto scams were and still are operated over there, among other locations (Sofia, Kiev, etc).

This off course does not mean by default that DomusFX is a scam broker. On the flip side, there is no evidence that it is not. For example, the fact that located call center (we shall not say here boiler room, yet) is for sure not disclosed to client's while talking to them (the usual crappy pitch - hi, I'm calling from London:rolleyes:) does not add to broker's transparency at all, does it? Yes, we know, almost everyone is using this pretext but it belongs to the scam world, not real world of Forex brokers.

Local company that operates DomusFX is called BCS 24 Hours DOO, opened only 6 months ago, located in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, company registrar: link, public phone contact: +381691632622, email: info@bcs24hours.com, local company website: link (domain only 2 months old), registered as BPO (call center activities)

Registrar extracts:

Foundation Act

Owner and director

Supervisory board

This Ms Yulia Tyukova has other companies, in Malta, UK (with her personal Pafos CY address, as a 'businesswoman'), in fact here is a summary: link. And immediately we can see trouble - link arbitration re domain abuse and ownership, with a Swiss company Partners Group AG (there, she is represented as Malta business woman). Apparently, she was misusing the name, leading customers to false conclusions. Very nice indeed. And this alone justifies the above stated serious doubts about the DomusFX broker transparency and reputation, not to mention deceiving clients re real location and agent's stage names used in the call center. This is not looking good at all. But the list goes on, here is this businesswoman's Slovakian call center called BRATISLAVA CALL SERVICES BCS s.r.o.- link. While we are in the region, let's check out Poland, here she is again: link. But, Slovakian one is also known as http://beirutcallservices.com/ BEIRUT Call Services (BCS same name) and here is why: one of the board members in BCS 24 Hours doo Belgrade is Mr Saleh Hasan, Lebanon, Beirut. By now, it is clear that Yulia is just a nominee front woman (a so-called 'monkey', a colloquial term). Beirut Call Services Slovakian and Serbian job posts (generaus bonuses, young environment,financial markets, shifts work etc) makes it clear what they do: link, link. Other board members of the Serbian branch of DomusFX are Romanian Mr Eugen Mihai Oancea LinkedIn and also Romanian Mr Smirnov Serghei. This Mr Smirnov, however seems to have a company in Malta and / or Moldova (or is a citizen of Moldova). In any case, this is his setup: Offshore leaks. You will notice that a secretary listed in Mr Smirnof's Skilled Financial Consultancy (SFC) Limited, Malta, is the very same Mr Paul Robert Gostelow of Astra Consulting Malta LinkedIn, registered at their Polish call center:

Now isn't this all very complicated, confusing and suspicious? Why do all of this, unless DomusFx is intended to be a scam brand? Everything so far points in that way.
A few more guys around DomusFX in BCS 24 Hours DOO, Serbia: Mike Holland, Cyprus, LinkedIn, possibly also a guy called Chris (?).


Final note: all of the above is exactly how a scam brand operates a Forex fraud. We do not claim for the time being that DomusFX is a scam. But it is certainly very suspicious.And the fact they do cold calling to the EU citizens, UK as well (ever heard of GDPR guys?) makes them a very probable scam candidate.

Usually such small-time scam companies close within a year, so lets see what happens to the local call centers in the next few months...
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Looks like this low level scam is still online and strangely kind of develops... It's not a blatant one but a more sophisticated one, where traders have no idea what is happening on their MT4 terminals back doors, what are the execution prices and times (massive slippage can ruin the entire trade order, that would have been good with another broker)…

So we remind here that this unlicensed offshore 'broker' with hidden call centers and agent's stage names was originally registered in 2015 as trading domain of (2014) closed company from Cyprus. Ex company name used for registration and person behind it:



Person involved: CHRYSTOFER IRAKLEOUS also as Chris Eracleous


Paid review https://sashares.co.za/domusfx-review/#gs.e3nms5
Sashares.co.za acts as an IB for many companies, so direct conflict of interest, as can be seen here in this open lie advertised (domusfx regulated by cysec and fca, which is ridiculous as it is not, it's a mere shell company in offshore zone, no more):


Lastly, the local boiler room changed registered address and even the city after being expensed here. However, the office address remains the same as before. Expansion for staff continues, the work time can reveal a lot regarding targeted audience regions:


Or one can simply contact the scam Team leader for details:


European and worldwide Traders stay away. Period.
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