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Problem Exposing Greenfields Capital, GFC Investment, Brighter Trade, FX Trade Market et all

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
A message to all scammed by these so-called companies. There scam operators handle multiple brands, some of them are now exposed, others are well hidden atm. Group of people behind have several locations, 4 to 5 worldwide. Some locations do IT support, some are shell companies for siphoning illicit funds, others are boiler rooms with sales agents who scam victims every day. They have their own payment service companies and affiliate marketers who create new clients online, mostly via social media and fraudulent websites that promote fake investments and unrealistic profits from trading, crypto currencies...
Countries where scammers operate are Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, the Balkans, and more. Most successful boiler room in the entire operation was recently identified in the Balkans, in the country Serbia, which is conveniently not an EU member. The boiler room name is PAROGAN D.O.O. located in Belgrade, exist for 3 years and operates all those scam brokers (see more at Fintelegram: https://fintel.me/the-serbian-scam-attack-on-europe-and-retail-investors/ they write in length of many scams)
Many Israel and Bulgarian people work as experienced agents or managers, it is a big office with over 150 people, well trained in many scams, targeting English, German, Arabic and other speaking clients. Feel free to Google Parogan doo and check FB page. You will see interesting info, like celebrating Jewish holidays, company parties etc, but also you will see job posts and hiring announcements on behalf of Parogan doo client INGOTEN oü Estonia, with infamous address used by dozens of similar scam brokers (Harjumaa, Tallinn linn, Roosikrantsi tn 2...). This shell company in Estonia called Ingoten is labeled by many authorities:


Greenfields Capital and GFC Investent are also part of their ''service'', Greenfields was the first one.

Useful links:

The above is a clear link to the boiler room and people around it, there is no doubt about it. The astonishing part is the fact that they keep operating for years with noone to investigate them. This is unacceptable to all victims and has to change.
There will be much more in this thread, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for info not available elsewhere. We aim to expose with facts, this may help damaged investors in their claims (NOTE: this is not a recovery offer and there is no financial motif behind this exposing, like many others do).
Did you personally get scammed by any of these companies? If so, can you upload an account statement?

And elaborate on how they scammed you specifically?
Did you personally get scammed by any of these companies? If so, can you upload an account statement?

And elaborate on how they scammed you specifically?

Hi, no, never scammed. But know people who were victims of these and some other scams. The idea is to expose them all, fact based. I will try to get some of them to join discussion, perhaps together more can be revealed. Gfc Inv and BrighterTrade run even today.
Things evidently change in Europe, there is more coordination between law enforcement agencies. Its still slow but better then years ago and money always leaves a trace, thus its possible to find it eventually. I think its important that people don't give up and walk away.
I'm always big on exposing the scam. But a larger focus needs to be placed on victims realizing that they do not have to be victims. They can make better choices. But the gambling/greed impulse causes the overwhelming majority that post in the scam alerts folder to make very poor choices. It often takes their illusion of quick profits to be bursted before the realize how poorly informed they were from the start.

Especially when dealing with OTC derivatives. Regulation is just a small part of the much larger picture of capital preservation.
@"4evermaat, post: 361925
Absolutely agree. Sadly, the majority of scammed are generally minorities, boomers or 3rd world country inhabitants, daily coping with money issues (btw totally dislike the term 3rd world). They are deliberately targeted due to their lack of ability to properly comprehend the business and associated risks, as they are simply not able to b/c no one explained them or showed them the proper way. Social media is their usual first point of contact and is partially to be blamed, as they've done little to restrict false advertising (it brings them a lot of money and scammers have it in abundance).
Sure, there's human greed, but it comes with the territory and scammers play on it always. Boiler room agent attacking the unsuspecting 'client' has very little to do with the markets, business etc but much to do with psychology and social skills.
You'd be surprised how many first world victims, who should know better, but cannot resist the gambling/greed impulse.
@ FxMaster true but hard. Once u hit some good money in trades and review your bank savings intr.rate, you're done :)
human nature, yes ...