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Hello to all, a few years ago i was scammed by an internet marketing scammer called Paul lynch, his company at that time was called rankflippr.com. I was scammed out of $1000. I have been involved in internet marketing for many years and it has many people like this. The technique i used was to complain to all the regular scam sites etc (after months and months of trying to get my money back from him, or what i had paid for). But nothing much worked so i decided to make a video of all the transactions etc and expose him this way. My videos are still sitting on the top of google and other search engines even after almost two years. Most people in internet marketing or forex brokers or binary brokers will generally do a search first to look for scam reports from the company they are thinking of dealing with. This is a last resort technique as once the video is up on youtube or other video sharing sites then it is very difficult to remove. Do some searches on google for these keywords, rankflippr scam, rankflippr ripoff, paul lynch scam, paul lynch ripoff and many other keywords. Most of these videos are mine. The main video is here
but i have other smaller ones too, but the main video exposes this scammer and his company. It is quite easy to make the video. Currently i am having a dispute with a forex/binary option broker called interactiveoptions. If it is not resolved i will make a video of this company, it is very important to keep all records, emails, skype conversations and screenshots etc. What company wants all their scam information publicised? You can even make the videos more visible by using a company called virool who will spread this even further throughout the internet. Imagine putting into google interactiveoption scam or ripoff and seeing actual videos of all the evidence, would you still consider joining the company? Anyway it is a last resort and not one to use lightly, it will tarnish and possibly destroy their reputation. I would NEVER use this until all other avenues had been exhausted. Let me know your thoughts.
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