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Problem Exposing the additional info on MILTON GROUP (My Capital, Vetoro Banc, CryptoMB, CryptoBase et all)

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
Earlier this year, in March 2020, the OCCRP facilitated and published, together with numerous investigative journalists, series called The Fraud Factory. The original story comes from Swedish DN (Dagens Nyheter, https://www.dn.se/) and subsequently developed via OCCRP in their articles here




As the fraud factory was fully unmasked, readers are advised to go through articles for all the details, it makes no sense repeating the same info. Bottom line, the mysterious MILTON GROUP operates in Ukraine, Kyiv (real operators and owners Israeli-Georgian Jacob Kesselman, David Todva and others) and other countries - Georgia, Bulgaria, Israel, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and indirectly linked few days ago - Serbia).

This scam group, that requires more details and info to be fully demasked, operated numerous scams, like Vetoro Banc, CryptoMB, CryptoBase etc and was since whistleblower's reports subjected to various law enforcement investigations. It was done quietly and discretely and it seems that they have come to an end.

On December 22nd, 2020, the Ukrainian General Prosecutors Office announced the following police raids and arrests in Ukraine and seizing of substantial cash and assets (1mn eur cash and 50 mn eur assets indicated):





Translation of a part:
''The criminal activity of an organized group of citizens of Ukraine and other countries, which in the period 2017-2020 implemented a fraudulent scheme of embezzling funds of individuals under the guise of attracting investment through specially created web resources, has been documented. They allegedly allowed to make a profit through the purchase and sale of various assets: bank metals, foreign currency, cryptocurrency, securities and more. To mislead investors, the site's software interface simulated sales transactions and a fictitious increase in return on investment of 100 times or more. When depositors applied for cash withdrawals, they received calls from employees of specially created call centers as representatives of trading platforms and demanded payment of service fees and fees for cash transfer - an additional 15% of the amount received. After payment, the investors' accounts were blocked, and the funds placed on them were appropriated by the organizers of the fraudulent scheme. The inspection found that the funds of investors paid through such sites were actually credited to the accounts of a number of companies controlled by the organizers in the UK, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Estonia and other countries with their subsequent legalization. The estimated monthly turnover of the fraudulent scheme ranged from 8 to 10 million euros. Most of the victims are citizens of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. European law enforcement agencies searched homes and call centers in Serbia and Bulgaria, during which 9 people involved in the activities were detained. The Ukrainian investigation has now established that the citizens of Ukraine involved in the organization of the scheme, who actually managed the work of the sites, withdrew funds through controlled economic entities and legalized them on the territory of Ukraine.''

From various sources, it is most likely that the so-called Milton Group was brought down in this police action day. Allegedly, the Europol's previous Action Day in Serbia (April 2020, link) provided further evidence that, combined with March 2020 journalist's reports on Milton, led to the full story and eventually to the arrests. It looks like Milton group is heavily damaged or shall we say crippled. Remaining boiler rooms (e.g. in Tirana, Albania - so-called Morgan Group) however, possibly still work.

New scam websites ''arrested'' are:

- CryptoBase (www.cryptobase.ltd)
- CryptoMB (www.cryptomb.com but also .cc and .io)
- VetoroBanc (vetoro.io)

https://www.forexbrokerz.com/brokers/vetoro-banc-review :

However, one is still up and running: My Capital

(see review: ):


One can only wonder how exactly laverage works with CFDs … :rolleyes:

There should be more on this subject, hopefully...

It appears that the story around Milton group is far from over.

The law enforcements may have started looking into the exposed schemes, however the group is apparently too large and more is yet to be uncovered. Let's present some new findings here on FPA today.

After this Milton story was made public and lots of information was made available, the people involved are exposed, hence more checks can be made.

Milton Group in Ukraine:
Another Milton company ('Easy Way') in Ukraine (see registered email address accounting@miltongroup.com.ua):

The before mentioned article states:

quote - ''Todua said he bought NASPAY (defunct www.naspay.com) from a company in the British Virgin Islands represented by a politically connected Georgian named Rati Tchelidze (sometimes spelled Chelidze), who describes himself as a “legal advisor” on his LinkedIn profile.''

So, Mr David Todua (Todva), now residing in Cyprus, the owner of Naspay PSP solutions and gateway provider (that per Fintelegram reports facilitated scams, as many others), purchased that company from one Mr. Rati Tchelidze, who is well connected to Georgian politicians, with proven scam history. Mr (T)Chelidze is a part of this Milton setup, therefore. He also holds a network of various business that may very well be attributed to this Milton environment, making the law enforcement actions directed toward only one part (that is exposed). So there is a lot more obviously. It looks like this:


Gia Janashvili is already described in the OCCPR articles. Oren Abiri is more interesting at this point.
Mr Chelidze (sometimes with T sometimes without it, conveniently) owns another company:


So far we can say that EDU2CO Ltd and AXIOS CAPITAL Ltd belong to this specific environment. Remember, Mr Chelidze states he is the legal advisor, thus acts on behalf and for the account of...(?) to be determined, hopefully. Surely some very powerful people. Btw, initial shareholders in AXIOS CAPITAL are both Mr Chelidze and Mr Gia Janashvili, as Oren Abiri and Gia J. are reg. persons in Edu2Co.

Edu2Co Limited is the declared operator of 'trading-teaching website' (ahm...well ok, educators and trading teachers are the new bull**it sold to retail clients in the past 1-2 years and rising in popularity, with thousands of scammers luring the web for naïve newbies and consumers). This forex education website is called Traders Education (inventive name indeed),



Cyprus office is indicated as well. You can see in their price list that it has very little to do with education and everything to do with affiliate marketing and lead generation. The big questions is - what are the names of platforms they land on after application? Why not disclose, especially if customers are directed to reputable FX companies, for example? Wouldn't it be a good advertising move? Off course not. Milton environment is dedicated to scam-only FX and crypto ventures. Same would go for Axios Capital Limited, that by the way is registered in Cyprus as well: https://i-cyprus.com/company/556039

Back to Oren Abiri now...
Oren Abiri LinkedIn profile:



ABF Marketing venture over lapses with Overonix Technologies in timeline, so may be regarded as connected possibly. It's a network of companies, call centers, IT solutions and PSPs all designed in the European heights of binary options era (after expelled from the 'paradise', the country of its origin - Israel, in very late 2016 and officially as of 2017).

ABF Marketing is in fact: ABF Pro Marketing Solutions DOO Belgrade, Serbia (now liquidated, operated as call center from 2016 to 2018, doing binary options scams, obviously for Georgian and Israeli scammers around Milton network, powered by Ukraine and Cyprus offices):



Company Foundation Act, revealing the owner, Mr Oren Abiri :


So does domain data registrar:

Overonix Technologies is another company of the afore mentioned gentleman.

And off course, Cyprus, where it was renamed Lavateck Limited (https://lavateck.com/)
https://opencorporates.com/companies/cy/HE367106 (one Vladimir Botvinik as representative links Kiev and Cyprus office)

Overonix is huge in Kiev, Ukraine:

You can deduct the business they operate, per job posts. As you can see, Milton network has many arms...

This Lavateck has interesting domain owner:

https://domainbigdata.com/lavateck.com Mexico internet and other things provider: http://www.xtesbar.com.mx/web/

Last but not least, Mr.Click (Blue Media Ltd, mentioned in OCCPR reports) https://mr.click/terms-conditions/ an affiliate marketer obviously.

Milton network continues, no doubt about it...