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I am having an issue with a company

Its been quite some time since FSM-dedicated thread started. Meanwhile, a lot has happened in the world of scams. Sadly, this scheme seems to be resilient to any enforcement or investigation. We believe (and know) that this is now coming to an end. Bad times ahead for scammers, in general. The hunting season is open in both US and the EU, believe it or not. So the FSM scheme will not be exempted from the proper steps in the near future.

Now we do some small follow-ups, adding some details, exploring further the scheme in some details.

Earlier in this thread (Part 1) we indicated Taris Financial Corp as a receiver of client deposits and later on, subject of regulatory warnings, related to MXTrade, an earlier scam from this group. Well, since a bank wire deposit of a scammed client went to this bogus company's account, wouldn't it be simply easier if the law enforcement representatives, together with Cyprus-based authorities (be it the CySEC or the police - we suggest both) checked the record files lodged with the receiver's bank and determined the identity via KYC documents? We refer to this swift message specifically:


IBAN: CY79005001400001400167230301
with Hellenic Bank ltd, Cyprus entity (swift: HEBACY2N)

How hard can it be to check? Nevertheless, it's been 6 years already since this specific 10.000 eur deposit was made from Germany.

Not connected to the above information, but very much connected to scamming German and Aussie clients, there are some indications that parts of this vast scheme possibly were scams known as Olympus Markets (www.olympusmarkets.com) and Aspen Holding (www.aspenholding.com). We are not sure at this time weather true or not, but in case more information is needed, simply check the Vanuatu registrar and NexTrade Ltd and its sole Director, Ms Nonka Asenova, Bulgarian resident:


There are no information of this Nonka Asenova, for the time being.

While we wait for some spectacular future crackdown, we can add some more details and new info to this story.

As a short summary, we already elaborated in Part 3 on the fact that, Trade12, HQBroker and FSMSmart(s) were and are coming from the same people, meaning the same people invented, created and launched these 'brands'. While final boiler room operators changed, as they normally do in any scam, the people behind remain the same. So does profit-sharing model between scammers on the phone in a hidden office and guys that granted them access to the 'platform' and all its 'fintech' solutions (CRM, payments, local boiler room set-ups and intermediaries that would protect them, etc).​

Here are more boiler rooms across Eastern Europe and beyond, that 'worked' on FSMSmart 'brand':

- Tbilisi, Georgia, at least from 2019 onwards: 100 Marketing Solutions
Sales agent: Anna Tsitsishvili, LinkedIn: https://ge.linkedin.com/in/anna-tsitsishvili-34238bb5
Today's profile is off course relieved of any FSMSmart indications, however it used to look like this:


- Tirana, Albania, same period: AT Consulting Shpk
Sales agent: Ilir Trandafili, LinedIn: https://al.linkedin.com/in/ilir-trandafili-888715bb


We will continue exploring this and adding more, shortly.
The Georgian 100 Marketing Solutions Ltd ('Ltd 100 Marketing Solushenz') was used for FSMSmart scam salesforce at least in 2018 and onwards. The company formation in Tbilisi, GE looks like this:​


Most probably the sole owner of the marketing company is this Vysotskyi Bohdan Mykhailovych, Ukraine (Висоцький Богдан Михайлович), who can be considered a PEP (politically exposed person, as his mother is a Judge in Ukraine)​


We have seen many such setups, Ukrainian and Israeli citizens opening call centers in Bulgaria and Georgia, with slight name alterations or specific readings, making it almost impossible to track.

The call center is no longer available on LinkedIn (strange) but some traces still exist:


Official website: https://100mktg.com/ tells no actual story at all, not even the company location. Why?


But the IP/domain says much more:


So, another one, www.americansolllc.com let's see that one.​

As you can see, no actual precise description of their services is displayed. They do mostly German and Italian language projects (leads, support) as can be seen here: link or here: link

Website is https://at-consulting-shpk.business.site/ (also indicated one is/was www.atconsulting.al)


FSM Smart is heavily tied to Italy in general, we knew this long ago. Italian prominent team members were engaged in training local staff in boiler rooms in Albania, Serbia, Georgia, Kosovo and more. Ok, so now we have this EVOLUTIVO from Italy? One moment, there is more if you follow 'learn more' you are redirected to https://www.spikeassociates.com/ and per website info it's a one-stop-shop:



Tanzania? Oh, here it is, linking now without any doubt all 3 companies into 1 single group, organized and led by Italians (at least nominally):

Back to www.evolutivo.it - above is website picture, similar info and Tirana, Albania address, putting another firm link to the entire organization (AT Consulting, Evolutivo, Spike Associates), with reminder - this was (or still is) a place where FSM Smart scam was handled.

looking at Spike Associates domain, we learn a name:


Andrea Alberici, LinkedIn:



Now we have much more: Spike Labs Srl (Milan, Italy, https://www.spikelabs.tech/it , accessible also via spikeassociates.com as original door to all services, called Spike Associates Group), Studio Synthesis Srl (Brescia, Italy)
We reverse now to this part of Mr Alberici business, as it is another call center/BPO in Tirana, Albania


Axelera ShpK





We'll add just a few more things below and conclude with opinion that apart from Georgia/Albanian/other boiler rooms, Italian involvement in FSM Smart scheme is quite important and vast, in fact it supersedes the actual FSM scam as we are positive they facilitated hundreds of similar face trade websites, in some of the capacities described on their companies websites, as services they provide. And now the key people are identified, so any law enforcement agency looking into this IT mess and chaotic setup, can have better picture.​
adding one more: https://www.nethesis.it/



nice picture of agents practicing Roll Play (imaginary scenario with client, mostly from scripts):


agents 'working' in 2016 or 2017:


Make no mistake, only the legitimate business is advertised (e.g. Italian brands in e-commerce, services etc) however, other ones were handled as well. Like FSM Smart.