fapturbo moneyback scam


Ive seen a few old threads regarding this company and it would appear they are still refusing to honour their money back guarantee. I bought their product and was far from happy with it. I requested my money back within the 60 days without success despite several requests to them and clickbank. All you get is an automated response by email saying you will receive a reply which never comes.
Has anyone else had a similar recent experience?
Focus exclusively on Clickbank. They have a refund procedure. Follow it closely. If you refund request is changed to a support request, refile it. If that happens again, file an abuse complaint with Clickbank.
Purchased FAPTURBO2....at no stage of the purchase do they tell you that you can only use their Broker ie MyFXChoice or Tallinex. When you click to download you product it only takes you to an upsell page for GPS Forex Robot. Ony find that out once paid. I have not downloaded their program because this is sales under false pretenses. I want to use any broker of MY choice. Awaiting refund from CLICKBANK