FapTurbo51 SCAM


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An anonymous reviewer submitted the FapTurbo51 site to the FPA with a simple question. Is this legal?

I checked. It wasn't. The site belonged to a group claiming to be Russian hackers. They claimed they had decompiled FapTurbo and applied their own special settings to make it more profitable.

I reported this to FapTurbo. I'm told my report was the first of many they got. They've managed to get the website shut down. I held off posting this at the FPA until they could get everything taken care of. I didn't want to accidentally send more money to these scammers by giving them extra publicity just before their website went offline.

It was really just a hacked copy of Fap Turbo version 49. The improvements were only small changes to the stoploss and takeprofit numbers.

FapTurbo has emailed a link to a free copy the FapTurbo 51 version to their customers. No, I'm not posting that link here. This thread is about stopping piracy and copyright violations, not encouraging more of them.

I encourage everyone to think carefully before buying or downloading pirated software. This time, you would have gotten a slightly out of date version of a commercially available software package. There would be no support, no updates and no chance for a refund if you didn't like it. Other times, the software might come with some bonuses. Things like viruses or software that allows the pirates to take control of your trading account or computer.

The Scam Investigations Committee took one look and told me to go ahead and write up my own scam declaration. On behalf of the FPA, I declare FapTurbo51 to be a scam. Since the site is dead already, there's no need to list it in the reviews.

If you bought Fap Turbo 51, I urge you to file a PayPal dispute immediately. The people behind this scam sold you something illegal and don't deserve to profit from it.



Worse still...

Even worse than Trojans and/or viruses, the hacked version could well lose your account for you. If you want an EA on the cheap, you might just as well flip a coin to pick your trades!


good work

hello admin.:(

sincerely speaking,i have never in my life come across this type of site before in any life endeavors.i mean rendering these priceless services always free of charge.you always try to protect the hard earned pips of your fellow soldier.more grease to your elbow men.


One less scamming scum site online! :D

So many scammers, so few tactical nuclear weapons.


Great job , God bless you guys .

In fact I don't know where to start for not only doing the work very well but to offer it to us at no cost.




What's Worse?

I can't help but wonder what is worse. Virtually every EA has a hyped up landing page that makes outrageous claims of performance that the EA fails to live up to. Most of them wont even replicate the claimed performance on a back-test or a demo account let alone alone on a live account.
How many suckers end up out of pocket the $149.00 for the EA or whatever it was, plus another 1k or 2k from their live trading account? Don't forget the cost of a VPS and wire transfers etc too.

IMHO the bigger crime is the mass marketing of EA's that the developers/marketers know full well will not perform as claimed. I am not specifically referring to FAPT, although that was my personal experience after 4 months of running FAPT on a live funded account. FAPT was roughly a break-even exercise for me, which is better than some but certainly not as claimed on their website.

I have suggested this before, I would love to see the FPA really sort the chaff from the hay and do some live tests using real money. Why not fund a live account for an EA after it has had positive performance on demo for several months? Alternatively, & I would really love to see this - the purveyors of the EA could provide the funds for a live account. Not a nano account either with a paltry $100 bucks in it - a decent deposit. It would be outstanding advertising for any EA marketer willing to put their money where their mouth is. Surely not that big an ask either, after all this is what they would have their customers do.


Thank YOU

You guys do a great job.

Thank you so much for keeping us save from scammers !



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things to check

I was sent this fabturbo51 promotion email by a marketeer and I checked. I wasn't particularly convinced and thought it was a fake. Here are a few parameters to how to criticize a website before trusting it.

- Has it been written by a company or an individual? If it is by an individual, drop it. Any fellow who has really formed a genius software will always form a company first and then sell his product to people.

- Sales script: If it's too tempting a script, then remember that the seller is a PROFESSIONAL INTERNET MARKETEER, not a professional forex trader. You will find most of the sales script to be just absolute and complete. That itself is an evidence that the person behind the website has had a lot of experience in DESIGNING FOREX SALES WEBSITES.

- Price: If it's not monthly subscription based, drop it. Just think that if you had designed a highly promising software like that, would you sell it for just $100 a piece? You would want to make the maximum of it and would definitely charge all your buyers on recurring monthly basis.