Fapturbo "Evolution" is coming!

Fapturbo "Evolution" is about to be released
(July 9th-15th)
depending on results of our latest
fine tuning and tweaking). It
gives us great
pleasure to announce:

FAPT Evolution is the
most powerful and stable
Forex Robot we have ever developed, period.

Below is a small
sampling in the form of a
screenshot of one real live money


or Donna's acc
FAPTurbo Swiss Week 3

trust me this is just an
apetizer :)

Some of our beta testers literally suggested we
NOT sell
FAPT Evolution to the masses, but rather
limit sales so as to not dilute
FAPT Evolution
and its money making capabilities. We decided to
them as a form of compromise of sorts by
limiting copies sold.(unlike the

Development of this new superrobot has been in
works for over 8 months and we are EXTREMELY
proud of it.. This is a first
the industry.The first of its kind, to bring
together an automated FX
solution encompassing both the perfect broker and
the perfect
artifical moneymaker. A robot which
abandoned the metatrader4 programming
language in
favor of something RADICALLY more powerful for a
with very stable spreads favourising
the fapturbo trading metodology.

Second, because the forex market is so huge,
selling LIMITED copies will
supply us with real
live trading info and data... allowing
us to perfect
and tweak. If you are one of the
lucky few traders to get FAPT
we urge you to post your results in the
FAPT Evolution Forum enabling us
to analyze your personal results so we may hone
our skills and keep
rocking.We really
feel as though it's PERFECT as it is but hey we

It is our intention to be the "Blizzard
Entertainment" of the
forex industry.

Blizzard Entertainment is the developer of the
Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft (World of
Warcraft) franchises. When
Blizzard Entertainment
releases something new you don`t need to read any
you just KNOW its good.. the company has such
high production
values in the
gaming industry that it's a 99% sure bet the
product is
going to be awesome.

We aim to be the same..

Unfortunateley this time
unlike fapturbo.com
which gives everyone a shot to make some serious
money FAPT Evolution copies will be(we have no
choice)strictly limited.

Please do not email us asking to reserve you a
copy. We will offer
everyone a fair
chance to grab his/her automated income
should you be left without
one keep in mind that we will never stop
development and that you can be assured

fapturbo will continue to
update everyone in the
future as we continually look for new
opportunities utilizing various platforms.

That`s our committment to
you and us.
In the meantime you may prepare yourself by
downloading the
14 day Dukascopy JForex trading
platform as fapturbo evolution has been
designed to work on this plattform. Click the
below link to register for
your 14 day Demo
account.Incidentally there is NO difference
between the
results of a demo and live account.



or a live account at:

Client Registration

Fapturbo Evolution has been programmed to work
extremely good on the
Dukascopy brokerage

They offer awesome spreads,and have a
second to none. When Fapturbo Evolution is
released, everyone
will flock to Dukascopy and
chances are your account opening
will be
delayed, with hundreds to
thousands of requests coming in within 24

So to get ready open your free of charge demo
now..and await additional information
from us soon.

FAPT Evolution is
destined to make history and
it's a pleasure to have you along for the

Sincerly yours,


Ps: Dukascopy offers small accounts starting at
usd 10,000.


Important: Fapturbo
Evolution is a standalone
product working on the dukascopy fx
Dukascopy is in no way associated
with fapturbo evolution
and can not answer any
questions nor provide any support for
evolution. By signing up with the
Dukascopy brokerage you agree to not
hold dukascopy liable for any losses you might
incure by the use of

Dukascopy can not be held responsible for any
you might incure by trading with fapturbo
evolution. They also do NOt
any support nor answer to any questions regarding

Chuck FPA

I'm one of FapTurbo Evolution's beta testers. The results have been VERY impressive. My trading started off a little rough for the first week and there was some drawdown. That's turned around and now I'm up about 30%.

You can see my Dukascopy account statement here on the Fapt Evolution site: Portfolio statement

I've also started a blog where I'll try to keep my results updated: Fap Evolution Beta Test

I started with $15,000 in my account. Things are going so well that I'm going to the bank to wire an additional $8000.
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Fapturbo Evotution

Why I am I getting tons of emails pushing the new Fapturbo Evolution. I'm even getting emails from Megadroid, who I thought was their competator, and they are promoting the new Fabturbo Evotultion. Why?
I know I've read good reviews about Fapturbo and I have been considering getting it but with all these emails from differnt folks, it seems like a scam.


Why I am I getting tons of emails pushing the new Fapturbo Evolution. I'm even getting emails from Megadroid, who I thought was their competator, and they are promoting the new Fabturbo Evotultion. Why?
I know I've read good reviews about Fapturbo and I have been considering getting it but with all these emails from differnt folks, it seems like a scam.

It is called affiliate marketing on clickbank. People promote it to earn commission on sales. There is nothing wrong with that.

Chuck FPA

I got a message that a couple people wrote in to the FPA asking where the first part of my trading statement is, since it's not shown on the FapTurbo Evolution site.

I'm attaching a trading statement that starts on June 4th. That's the day I opened a new Dukascopy account. It shows another deposit on June 5th, bring the total money in my account to $14,980.00 just before the FapTurboEvolution beta test started for me.

As you can see, there was some drawdown through June 16th. Then the balance starts to increase again. As of July 10th, my balance is $19,735.85. You can check my statement posted on the Fapt Evolution site here: Chuck FPA Statement


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Watch Out

I just watched the webinar and there is data that is not specific.

First thing is they filter questions that they do not want everyone to see...IE negative or hard pressing questions

They stated that Dukascopy brought down the minimum with their business alliance..hogwash. Dukas has had a 10k min long before these guys.

Notice that all the market emails are coming from the same gang...MegaDroid, etc...

The live account statements were not "REAL" live accounts but demos because Dukascopy on allows 14day demos..so it begs the question let me see a real live long term trading account...

People on plenty of forums have tried the API bridge with dukascopy and have had data feed issues and other problems.

In the end all robots end up useless in some way shape or form...Dukas is a great broker and you can scalp them manually very easily because of their deep liquity as long as you know what you are doing. They are just collecting money off of all these subscribers and referral fees to these brokers. I would love for one of these schleps to put up a real live trading account that is longer than 3 months.

If you want to get into trading forex..learn, study and find a strategy that suits your personality and BY GOD keep your money.


who are you?

what is your connection to fapturbo or dukascopy?
are you receiving any commssions, fees or any other benefit - financial or not - from any Faptrubo or dukascopy, their affiliates, officers, directors, consultants or anyone connected to them, directly or indirectly?


question for fapturbo evolution beta testers

hi guys -

would love some input from any of the fapturbo evolution beta testers (or others with experience using EAs)

1. your live results are very impressive, but are for a pretty short period of time. I believe there was a "tweak" mentioned halfway through the period, and I believe Chuck suffered a drawdown before this tweak. how do we know this won't continue to be an issue? i.e. how much faith do we have that this system is "robust" and that there won't continue to be "tweaks" after things break down temporarily (which causes real losses)

2. scalability - what happens if they sell 2k copies, and everybody (hypothetically) deposits $1M and follows the same default settings? has anybody had experience w/ scalability of other platforms? i.e. I've seen a lot of reviewers show results for accounts w/ $500, $1k or $10k, but not, say $100k or $1M. why is this?

I've done a lot of optimization work on other trading systems, including backtesting, walk-foward test, etc... and there are almost always issues at the "hard right edge" of the graph. can anybody shed some light regarding why this will or will not be an issue w/ Evolution?

thanks for any thoughts