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I am not sure as to what classification this fits. This is not product related i.e., "sizzle" versus "no meat". However, I do have something on that at end. This is in regard to obtaining a refund. I purchased on launch date 7/18/09 with an unconditional 100 percent refund within 60 days. An unexpected expense has arisen whereas I need a refund. I initially started the process 8/12 with an email (never answered). I resumed in earnest on 8/17 with daily emails and phone calls. Score as of 8/25 5 specifically addressed gmails to Mike Lahe ( not one reply). 2 phone calls to his supervisor Violet 1-323-617-5016 left message no return call.I am getting very upset I don't know what to do next. Get Credit card co, Clickbank,or attorney involved etc.All I know from my experience with the demo I was less than thrilled. What bothered me the most was no stops are used!!! I arbritarily ran a back test from 4/1 to 6/1. The third trade on 4/6 lost $900+ That was approx 10 percent equity loss on one trade.Anyway, I need help getting my entitled refund. I would rate the service as below a one star with the the jury out on the product itself.


Cynthia Grasvik:nerd:


The general rule for all Clickbank products is to ignore the company and go straight to Clickbank fo the refund. Clickbank collects the payments and issues the refunds.


Hi Cynthia,

The best way is to contact ClickBank directly. I did that and got my refund for FTE

Use this link. http://www.clickbank.com/orderDetail.htm

Then enter your receipt number, and email. Then click on contact support and there's a "refund option". Just type in a message and send it. I got a email confirming the refund request immediately and got the refund within 2 days.

Agree with the above post - never contact the vendor directly, as they'll delay the process as long as possible.

In regards to FTE, the software itself works fine, but the real issue is lack of liquidity at Dukascopy, impairing the profitability of this product. The past few weeks have been terrible, with a huge number of order rejects and slippage. The Fap people are very low key on this problem, I suspect they are counting down the days until the 60-day refund period has expired.

It's just so hard to get REAL information on these products. The Web based affiliate thing is getting out of control. Just type in FTE and review into google, and you'll get 100's of affiliate hits. Try to find real objective information instead of pseudo-reviews from people who want you to click on their affiliate link. It's near impossible.
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The Fap Turbo people have done a great job brainwashing people into blaiming their brokers for the failure of Fap Turbo when in fact its the EA that is at fault. I have seen so many failures with this EA.


simliar experience here!

hey CYNTHIA1957,

i was really interested in what you said regarding calling the supervisor violet. The same person who created FapTurbo is the creator of FapTurbo Evolution.

I purchased FapTurbo and has some bad results after running it on a test account for about a month. However towards the end I asked for a refund, I called a list of phone numbers, left multiple voice mails and never got a reply (till this day).