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FBS took my money.Alleged i lose despite high selling price

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Bitcoinearners, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Bitcoinearners

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    Nov 7, 2017
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    Can these companies take away your money for lack of margin? Fbs support was always contacted by messenger regarding refund of my$10,my initial deposit plus profit on first day. My account was in stop out order coz i hsd no margin,but on 2nd day,they traded my account at high selling price. The spread is 100 frombuying price value and it resulted profit of $10 total. Yet,FBS reported it a loss of -$8.54, buying price less selling price( profit formula).According to a Freshforex forex course lecture, if selling prices goea up so with buying prices, the result is profit. And after selling,all positions must be closed in order that negative result of sales will become positive and margin money if available must be returned back to the trader with the profit. What Fbs did? Even i repeatedly ask for a refund of my $10( profit on second day not included since i have no margin) ,they still keep my money.They feel confident they were protected by their lawyer and by their terms and service agreement.Why did i incur loss when prices went UP ? Their support can't even answer.Just told me their software algorithm is 99% accurate.Why such brokers did almost the same thing to traders?- avoiding to pay us? Maybe, they have the same motive :just to steal traders money .So please help us get our money back. We should have the law to protect us not to be a victim to these people, not laws to exalt them!

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