Felix Longer Term Forex Trading Strategy from 09/05/07



Hi Felix, you are really doing a great job. I am new to forex and I have only been using your site for couple of weeks now. I will be looking forward to all those long term in the future, but for now your are really doing a great job and thanks for helping a lot of people make money out forex....:)


Forex God

If there were such a thing as a Forex God then I believe that Felix must come pretty close!
Although I personally have not traded for over two years. I have watched and read with interest all the e mails and comments from Felix, and during this time, Felix has proved beyond doubt that he is determined to help, guide and advise lesser mortals such as ourselves through the minefields of forex FOR FREE.
This gentleman clearly has no agenda or need to bolster his income from dodgy advise and questionable ethics, since his transparency in his trading is clear for all to see.
With his colleague Rob Grespi also creating considerable wealth this is a team of top professionals that I have no hesitation is recommending and following closely.
Please keep on doing your job the way you do Felix, you conscientiousness in your believe is clear and for that us humble mortals THANK YOU SIR!



I am impressed and also sad :-| I am a beginner and thought to take the advice not to do any trades before 3 months of demo account practice, and I promised myself not only to practice but also to start reading all/most of the eBooks I've had collected from the Internet.

Now that I see Felix giving free pips for everyone and people making huge amount of money... I don't want to waste any time from this guy's experience. Feels like time is running on me, and before I really get to be a knowledgeable trader, Felix would have gave up his services and I would be losing a golden time of Forex experience.

So what do you suggest Felix or anyone else? Do you think I keep the signals being emailed to me and see you all making money while I watch? Or unsubscribe and re-subscribe when I'm ready to open an account and trade?

:) Thanks,


As always your advice is invaluable Felix...

Are there any long-term strategic positions we can consider in the near future?


Long term trading

Hi Felix, I can only echo the positive thoughts of the respondants to your long, and short term, trading achievements. I am new to spread betting and have previously lost quite a lot trying to fdo ixed term trading on BOM. I am now about to get my feet wet with your school of thoughts and am definately looking forward to it.
Keep it up.............:)



Great Felix! Just took your strategy half road and got me pips!
I had a negative account which now is pair again:)

Many thanks for sharing yor strategies and everything else!


Hi there :)

This is Felix. On September 5th, 2007, I sent you a video with longer term trading strategy. Here was the link:

At that time, AUD/USD was at 0.8220, and NZD/USD was at 0.6880. I told you that I thought it was a good idea to go long on both pairs, because I felt that AUD/USD will reach 0.9000, and NZD/USD will reach 0.8000.

Well, on Friday AUD/USD reached 0.9000, and NZD/USD reached 0.7670.

On Sunday night, AUD/USD should open at around 0.8980, and NZD/USD should open at around 0.7610.

Considering that AUD/USD has gained around 9.5%, or 760 pips, and NZD/USD gained 10.5%, or 730 pips, I don't think it's necessary to hold it any longer. If you bought a 6 months CD, like I suggested, you can close it, and let your bank penalize your interest. You should've made more than enough on currency appreciation in 1 month, than most people hope to make in interest in 2 years.

If I feel inspired to share with you any other longer terms trading strategies in the future, I will let you know. But for now, consider the AUD/USD and NZD/USD strategy as complete, and consider this post as official exit.

Thanks :)

Hi Felix,

Thank you sooooooooooooo much for your valuable info here but unfortunately I am unlucky guy that I am just New full one week now.

I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind, if I am wrong please don't hasited to delete it.

1. what time frame do you use your longe term trading? and what kind of technical or fundamental indicators do you use? can you please give me some information with your pleasure please. I would realy apprecite and thank you so much.

Happy trading

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Swiss Bank Account

I took your advice too literally and got involved in the buerocracy of opening up a savings account at a swiss bank.

By the time I had found someone at Credit Swisse who could help me set this up, the NZD and AUD had already moved significantly.

I really wish I had just bought this pairs on my normal Forex trading account, and not worried about using low leverage on a multi-currency CD.

I have been around for alot of your longer term calls, the more recent ones have been spot on, but there were a couple of instances in the early and mid summer where you perhaps haphazardly announced the GBPJPY would drop, when it actually took another 4 weeks for it to, by the end of july, early august, anyone who knew anything about that pair could see its time had come.

Anyhow after this one, my confidence in your calls has grown, and as long as you make it official, as you did with this youtube video, I will get on it, with CDs or normal forex...meanwhile I will filter haphazard trade recommendations coming from the live chat rooms which have diverted my own focus and causeed much grief and bad vibes.


NZD/AUD.....US interest rate cut

Thank you very much, Felix. Your fundamental outlook has been very accurate. I started to buy those currencies immidiately after the interest rate cut, that same day most of them went up by around a 100 pip ....every time they retraced ...i sold'em and repurchased them over and over...

Felix, what you think about Australia possibly raisng int. rates in November?
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