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When I use the fib tree indicator v4 on my charts, once I have it set up and I remove the trend line the fib parameters disappear also. How do I get the parameters to stay once I remove the trend line?


to do that, you must use fib tree indicator v3. With v4 you can set the color line of the same color of background.
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Customized TimeFrames with MT4

To build customized TF, mt4 has a "periodconverter" script which, however, does not work very well, especially with TF longer than a month. Another disadvantage: when the platform is closed, the script will stop working.
My advice is to use the indicator (which I attach), programmed by pips4life of ForexFactory.
Let's see how it works.
The indicator must be put on the chart (and must not be closed). The chart TF will be used to make multiples. For example, to make the quarterly chart I choose to put the indicator on the monthly chart.
When we insert the indicator we must make sure we have enabled the DLL settings.

Or in Tools/Options Expert Advisors Tab


Let's analyze the main indicator settings.


- PeriodMultipler: it is the multiplier of the TF of the chart. I will insert 3 to merge 3 monthly candles.
- TimeShiftAdd_in_Bars: use this parameter to match the opening price of the candle of the new TF with that of the underlying. For example, the monthly candle on January 1st has an opening price of X; I will choose the correct number to have the quarterly candle with the opening X.
- Over_1MN_alerts_Symbol_name: true. This parameter is necessary for the message screen to appear and to know the name of the graph to be opened (it is only information).
- Indicator_On: true. When the platform is closed and then reopened, it will automatically update the custom timeframe graphs.

In my platform to have the quarterly time frame I put the indicator on a monthly chart, PeriodMultiplier = 3 and TimeShiftAdd_in_Bars = 1.

We are ready to open the chart with the custom time frame. Open "OpenOffline" in the File menu.

We look for the name of the custom chart TF and double click on it

The custom TF chart will open and will be updated live.
If the graph with the indicator is closed, the graph with the custom time frame will no longer be updated.

I hope it is clear and useful.

Thanks to Sive and Roger for all.

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