Fibtree indicator

Two pieces of news.
Firstly, I am finishing work on a rewrite of the FibTree indicator.
I re-read Joe DiNapolis book ( Trading with DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment ) and realised that I could improve the indicator in a few areas, especially in showing COP/OP/XOP from a retrace, as in the picture below.

Testers Wanted!
I am looking for a few people to test the new indicator before publication. Testers must be familiar with Joe DiNapolis Fibonacci retracement methodology so that they can point out any errors or omissions related to that as well as just checking that the indicator works correctly and doesn't cause issues with other indicators etc.
The indicator is MT4 only at the moment but I will port it to MT5 when I'm happy its working well.

This indicator will be available to all when completed and will be free so the only reward being offered is that warm fuzzy feeling you get from being kind :):);)

Free Utility!

I'll be distributing the new FibTree indicator via the MT4/MT5 marketplace so I set up an account and uploaded a small utility I wrote a while ago.
Called Just Here this little timesaver automatically sets the 'Visualization' of any new chart object to the current timeframe only rather than the default All Timeframes.

That means if you draw a trendline on the 1 hour chart it will only be visible on the 1 hour chart unless you later change it to something else.

This action can be changed for different object types in the Inputs section.

You can download the utility at

All the best