Fibtree indicator

For those who are asking me about the indicators that I use via private messages. You can check below links. All are tested and %100 correct. So you can check your own indicators to see if they are plotting the same.

MT4 indicators available in MQL5 website

Dinapoli Indicators

Tom Demark Indicators

MT5 indicators available in MQL5 website

Dinapoli Indicators

Tom Demark Indicators

Ninjatrader Dinapoli Indicators;

1-DiNapoli Proprietary studies now available in NinjaTrader 7.​

The Package has all indicators inside.

2-DiNapoli Thrust Scanner - Real Time & Any Time Frame now available in NinjaTrader 8

Ninjatrader Demark Indicators;

Hope that helps

Thank you Roger!
Will like the link to the Dinapoli materials,Books and seminar excepts. Many thanks!
It seems they have black friday sales too. Up to 30-40 percent.

Buy the retracement ))


Another good news !

I have just received the brand new Dinapoli Trading Academy Program. This is a unique combination of Dinapoli book and online course. Concepts taught in the book are further expanded visually in videos. Joe and his expert Joseph worked on this program for 2 years. It is over 14 hours of visual learning including theory, Market examples, tutorials, Live trading examples, all adds to the visual learning experience. I would recommend this program to you on top of everything.. It is a great opportunity for traders who are new to Dinapoli Trading Techniques. I didn’t have chance to start with that kind of visual product.

In addition to that;

Veteran trader and former Dinapoli expert Tony DiNatale has celebrated his 35h year anniversary in trading with Dinapoli Methods by publishing Symposium Outline “Trading Professionally”. This book has been sold to traders who have attended the advanced seminars only.

Even I discovered many things that I didn’t know before or what I knew wasn’t really correct. I bet you wont have any questions left to be answered in your mind after reaching these contents. Even if you are not a dinapoli trader you will find out many things to help you in your trading.

If you are interested just send me an email please. I will make them available to you for a very reasonable cost.
I discovered below utility in MQL5 website a few weeks ago. Tested for a while and helped the author to fix a few issues. I belive it works good right now. Basically it automatically transfers real-time trading data of Binance Spot to MT5. This way I can easily use Dinapoli and Tom Demark indicators while analysing all crypto markets.