figforex refuse to give me my money and my profit

i opened account wit figforex with some of, 10 USD, then since i has be treading with them am losing, one day i funded 10 USD as usual, then withing 1 week i make profit of 200 and 85 USD I request for withdraw of 120 USD figforex tell me that liberty reserve has a problem that as soon as they resume that i will get my payment, i keep on treading till 2 weeks with out received payment which i requested from them, my total profit was 600 and 85 USD, one day i entered tread make a profit of 80 USD when i close the tread i see minus 30 USD from that tread am so surprise i talk t, is a mistake from them, then the next day as was trying to login to platform what i saw is account banned, i rote a mail to them, look at what they are telling me,Hello,

No sir, you seem to misread the email that was sent to you. I recommend you read again, and notice where we stated that there will be no refunds.

In addition, you can check our terms of service that you accepted on 2010.12.02 11:43 when your account was opened, I refer to paragraph 4.6 that states:

"" If a trading account is disabled from trading for any reason; All open/floating positions on Customer's account will be closed automatically by FIG Solutions at 17:00 CET or at market Close Friday (whichever comes first). FIG Solutions Limited Inc. reserves the right (but not the obligation), in its sole discretion, to issue a partial/full refund of any remaining equities on the banned account. ""

This paragraph states that we may, at our sole discretion, issue a partial or full refund. That is a right, and not an obligation. In this particular case, there will be no refunds on any kind.

Please, do not open any tickets in regards to account number 134915 anymore as they will be ignored; There is no account in our system with that number. If you'd like, you can consult with your legal consultant/lawyer instead.

Thank you & Have a nice day


AthenaFx Representative
I don't know which ones of the FigFx or Fig Something is the worst broker.

But I recommend everybody to read the terms of services (available at FigFX Brokers | Terms of Service | Customer Agreement ).


May be the most used words are "in its sole discretion"

It is a perfect example not only of a bucket shop but a criminal organization.

They can do whatever they want and the customer has no rights at all. Not even basic human rights.

However it looks like they don't know much about international laws. It shows that they are probably a criminal organization that hides in a low cost country trying to scam the most vulnerable people.

If you have an account with them ot know people who have or might have an account with them, I urge you to ask everyone to cancel everything and to get back their money if they can.

As usual, it should be difficult to find all people involved in this scam but we can say " you can run but you cannot hide".

I hope they will close soon so we might record a small victory.