scamed my 29 usd please help


We can now see that FigFX is a penny-pinching broker. I wonder how much the company is actually worth. I wonder if they actually paid for their MetaTrader server software. We can be fairly sure that they don't connect to any liquidity providers (due to high cost), which would mean that they always take on the opposite side of clients' trades, so clients' losses become their profits.


i know the terms and i wouldn't to break it , so i told my friend to open a buy position and me sell position , i have my 10 $ + 10 $ bonus , so my profit's will be 10$ + 1010$ bonus

to be honest , yes the idea that one of us will end up in profit with the bonus . and i think i haven't broke the rules because i have one verified account and my friend too and never opened 2 accounts on my PC .
i also know that they have the right to cancel the bonus but why take my initial deposit ? this is really scam .
I'd need to go through those terms with a fine-toothed comb to check and see if this crossed the line or not.