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Javier, at first I didn't want to post a comment, but decided I should.

By now, I should either hate you or love you...i.e if you are my IB : )...but I don't!

The great "Son-of-Ra'a" once posted that they should put you & I inside a steel cage to bash it out : )....but, as you posted, we can learn to live with each other in peace here at the FPA.

So, what exactly is my personal opinion of you after reading all those "sandpapaer" replies you have been giving your client?
For one, I know by now civility is not your strongest point, but (I have to admit) you do make sense. You (in your own words) prefer to "kick" some "common sense" regarding forex into your Newbie clients than being all "niceties" in your replies.

But I do wish you are less abrasive in your replies as it does no good to your image. But then, I suspect, you would say it does not bother you; right? : )
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Javier Keeth

FigFx Representative

Long time no see. How are thing going?
Yeah I remember those days, if you have been training all time time, please feel welcomed to bring the cage and drop by for a cup of tea.. we can still do the fight, at least for fun :p

Believe me my friend, there has been time when I and a "highly ranked" FPA representative were planning to make a statistics, who has to answer more "dumb" questions daily. Then I gave up ;)

Truly, there are some people trading forex that you miss... That you call to ask about if they disappear for a while.. they just make a good addition to any given community. On the other hand, there are much more "clowns" that are here just to make you feel annoyed.

I can swear, we have had requests for withdrawals with a description line like "I need to buy food for my Elephant". We have had people paying money into an opened account, then complaining that they did not find any sex movies to download. Where the hell do they see our ads as a sex provider?!?!

Of course, I personally and FIG as a company do understand that everyone at a given time must be a newbie. We all started from zero one day, and there is nothing bad about being a newbie. As far as I understand human kind, a person is supposed at least to know "what forex is", before complaining that he gets a requote of 20 pips!!!! As simple as "A..B..C..", that can never happen ;)

Here is a piece of information on the side; On MT4 platform, the maximum given time for a manual dealer or an automated STP bridge to execute a trade is 90 seconds, then it gets automatically rejected. Now, please go back a few pages in this thread and you will find someone complaining that he waited for his trade for 4:30 minutes. << what should I answer him? >>

There are come brokers around "even discussed on the FPA" that have like a dozen open cases, courts, complaints, etc.. That would be a plce I would be afraid to trade in. But when you see a broker offering a 100% bonus constantly for example for over a year, and like a case every 3 months.. That is just normal. I do believe that when a customer out of 10,000 is not happy, that is his own problem. And weather you hate me or have passion for my posts, I will show no mercy for that 1/10000 - I might sound harsh, but I am helping him to learn before complaining :p

Best wishes, stay in touch (F)


Pharaoh, looks like the only possibility of Javier & I getting into a steel cage is to go diving in sharks infested water : ) ...and the "son-of-Ra'a" is welcome to come along and join in the "fun".
Guess Javier & I have learned to see each other point of views from the other point of perspective...

Yes Javier, I can imagine what you guys (who are basically in the service provider industry) must faced daily from people from all walks of life.
Porno movie download, and food for Elephant??? Really????...that's really wild man!

Yes, at times, it's more effective to kick some senses into some numb skull than with the soft approach.
I, for one, have absolutely no patience for teaching, let alone answering some questions that can easily be found if that person had bothered to do a little research but choose the easy way out by asking.
In the world of forex, daily I kept reading posts from Newbies asking for EA that will do all the trading for them and making them tons of money in the process. These Newbies actually believe and is willing to pay large sum of money for these "Golden hen".
If it's as simple as plugging in an EA and then watch it make profitable trades, don't they realize that there will then be far less forex Brokers around?
But no....someone simply say "hey, buy this EA which is guaranteed to make you consistent profits", and the Newbie will immediately says "Here is my money"....and a couple days/week/month later, these Newbies will be crying all over the internet forex forum saying they have been scammed. And this happens again, and again, and again...never ending story!

Alright Javier, take it easy!


figfx is liar brooker


same li priyant, i have been cheated by figfx!
After i lost my money 600USD, i made new deposit 100USD.
At this time i start gain profit to 244USD. Yesterday i open trading on few sell trade.This morning i can see floating profit around 200USD, and i start want to close all the trading.Unlucky figfx have disable my trading account on unexplainable reason.i can't do anything on my MT4.I have send post to customer service and until half of the day when all my deposit and profit finished only i can log in to figfx home page. I hope FPA can help me investigate this company.



.- Almost 50% of all people taking benefit of our 100% deposit bonus "shout" asking why the bonus was removed. Guess why?! They simply never read the bonus offer page till the end to notice the full explanation that bonuses are removed automatically upon withdrawal..

Javier, Javier, Javier ( sigh )

You complain that some traders lack intelligence and neglect to read the conditions for the bonus as if those made your life difficult.

I will now comment from a moderately intelligent person s point of view then.

Bonuses are for trading purpose, we BOTH understand this.

You could just as well decrease the margin requirement for the SAME practical effect ( ie more leverage).

Why do you OFFER such bonuses then instead of an increased leverage ?


So please, do not complain here that traders who do not read the fine prints are a pain in the neck for you. They are really the clients YOU WERE TARGETING when you created the bogus offer. They are your bread and butter because a smart and/or experienced trader would not at all be motivated to open an account by such bonus. I haven t personally read your terms and conditions for your bonus, but unless some or all of it can be withdrawn after a certain volume, it is something that we call in french " piège à cons " ( a trap for idiots ). Dont come cry in the forum that you caught in your trap exactly what the trap was intended for.

Edit 03/22/2011
I have taken the time to read your conditions to withdraw the bonuses. It s as I said above...a trap for idiots constructed in such a way that I m quite certain you only pay a neglectible fraction of traders ( and even those get a neglectible fraction of the potential bonus ) An experienced trader would never be motivated to open an account for such a remote possibility to get a few bucks.

For those interested to know, in order to collect the MAXIMUM bonus ( per percentage of your original funds ) here s what you need to do:

1) open an account with only 199 dollars to get the maximum bonus percentage of 100%

2) trade at least 15 lots ( A volume of 1.5 million with your meagre 398 dollars )

3) Maintain an average of 100 ( one hundred ) pips of movement for your 15 lots between opening and closing

There ! You re done ! Now you can withdraw 100% of your 198 dollars of bonus LOL

That s a lure for newbies. By my rough estimate, you stand a probability of 0.001% of succeeding. You can increase marginally your odds by closing your trades before the 100 pips but the percentage of bonus you can withdraw will decrease proportionally.

P.S. As a matter of fact, I do own an elephant and I need 300 kilos of food for him every day.
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