Financial Commission Updates Warning List

Financial Commission

Representative of the Financial Commission
The Financial Commission has been notified by concerned traders regarding the companies and associated websites of United-Asset Finance, Cryptoberg, Fin888group,,, Bfxtrading, Imarketstock, FXswith, Universe-Trade, and Finantiko


Upon reviewing the submitted information from potential customers of these brokers, the Financial Commission has determined that the indicated companies and associated websites may be used to scam and defraud traders and investors. As such, the Commission does not recommend to do business with any of the above-mentioned companies neither individuals purporting to represent these brokers on social media and in private messages on popular messaging apps. Given this information, United-Asset Finance, Cryptoberg, Fin888group,,, Bfxtrading, Imarketstock, FXswith, Universe-Trade, and Finantiko, placed on the Financial Commission’s Warning List.

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FINACOM PLC LTD. and its affiliates (“Financial Commission”), is an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body that is dedicated specifically to Forex.

Financial Commission ensures that traders and brokers are getting their disputes resolved in a quick, efficient, unbiased and authentic manner while making sure they walk away with a well-founded answer, thus contributing to their overall knowledge about Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

By joining the Financial Commission, companies are demonstrating their commitment to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices in conducting their business, regardless of their licenses and locations. These activities come together to create a cleaner, more credible Forex environment overall.

Financial Commission is one of the most trusted dispute resolution bodies for Forex and Blockchain that has been protecting traders since 2013.

Currently, their membership comprises of 35 brokers, 6 blockchain, 8 Tech Providers, 3 Investment Platform Providers, and 2 Education Providers which is not a lot, but hopefully more will be added in the near future.​

There is a long list of scammers in their “Warning List” which is a good reference point to check out the broker/service provider before parting with your money.

The way I look at it, the Financial Commission acts very much like our Forex Peace Army but has real teeth only if the broker/service provider is one of their members.

Financial Commission services are absolutely free for traders who have a case against one of their own member brokers/service providers.

We can draw the conclusion that brokers/service providers who chose not to become a member of the Financial Commission is afraid that their client’s complaint(s) will get a fair & unbiased investigation based on facts and not on BS excuses.

I am happy to see that both my main & secondary brokers are on the membership list which gives me some comforts that I have a legitimate platform to any of my complaints.