Finexo Forex Trade Investment 100% Geniune and Good SPAM for a HYIP.

Finexo Forex Trade

Banned HYIP Spammer
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Ooooohh. :eek:oh:

Let's see. 2% per trading day. If I reinvest and compound that for a year (about 220 trading days), that would be 1.02^220. That comes to about 77 times my initial investment. If I stay with you guys for 5 more years, that's 77^5, which comes to about 2.7 BILLION times my initial investment.

If this was real, President Obama would stick a billion into your fund, balance the budget in a few years, pay off the national debt in a few more, and could reduce the retirement age for US workers to 25 years old by the end of his second term (he'd get re-elected by a landslide once he shares this idea with the public).

Of course, the sad, hard reality is that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE MONEY!

Say no to HYIPS. Just say no.


I was more impressed to see that they could say nothing (well actually only one thing) and yet it took them three paragraphs in their spam to do it.