FINEXO has stayed with my money

Hullo fellow traders
i need some help from you
i am a forex trader from Uganda and i am trading for my 10th month now
i started forex in August last year and i decided to practice with a micro account that i opened up with Finexo
i traded as i learnt and read, did alot of hard work learning forex technically, fundamentally and sentimentally.
After 8 months of managing to keep my micro account with FINEXO with over 235 trades, i decided that i had learnt and wanted to open a standard account but not with finexo this time because they had bad spread
so on 30th march 2011 i make a withdraw request to with my money and i scanned and sent the required details to them
they replied me and told me that it would take between 3 to 7 working days and i waited, after 9 working days there was nothing on my account and i contacted them, they told me to be patient and i was, when it became 14 days around the 19th of April, i contacted them again and even asked them to show me proof of transfer of funds, i used to call them and they even stopped taking my calls saying their finance dept doesnt take call. they sent me a document which never showed that money was sent to my account, they claimed it was human error and said they resent the money but once again i waited for another 10 days and i cant see the money credited to my account . Can u imagine today is 1st may 2011 and i have never gotten the money i requested for on the 30th of march 2011

please help me and save me from these scammers
First thing to do is inform them that you have placed this post at FPA!

I would include a link to this page.

It might just get them to jump into a bit of action.

If they still don't send you YOUR money, they then could regret it when FPA is on this case!
The link you need to send is the URL of this page.

If they don't pay you soon, also leave them a 1 star review.