FinFx - Skrill MoneyBookers - Ally Bank Sorry Situation NEED HELP!

seth blackstone

Here is the story ... :mad:

I have a Forex trading account with "FinFx Oy" in Finland, I am happy with the broker (sort of), they have never given me any reason to doubt their operations. I have had this account for a number of years (since 2010).

I always deposit money into the account via a credit/debit card through the one and only credit card payment processor that FinFx offers "Skrill/MoneyBookers". I registered my (Wells Fargo) bank account and credit/debit card with skrill and proceeded to fund my brokerage account, this worked fine for years.

Now it gets interesting, Wells Fargo did some kind of internal financial product reorganization resulting in a 3 times (3x) (triple) increase of account service fees, needless to say this was eating me alive, I work for a living and I was unable to maintain the required daily average balance to negate the service fees, so month after month the bank was taking my money for service fees. So, I switched banks to "Ally Bank" you know the fully online bank with all the adverts on the television? Thier no service fee approach to nearly everything sounds and is GREAT!!! They don't charge for checks or atm withdrawals and this fit my lifestyle perfectly, anyway everything was great right up until I went to skrill and changed my banking and credit/debit info, then everything EXPLODED!!!

After several days of delays for supposed "verification process" and numerous/repetitive requests for documentation they came to the conclusion that I violated their "money laundering" policies and TERMINATED my account, now during this time of "verification" "Ally Bank" confirms that there were absolutely "ZERO" transactions on my account of any kind, no tests of the card, nothing. Now as I said before I have been using skrill for years on my wells fargo account. Now it turns out, my broker FinFx will only let me deposit money via a bank wire transfer, a skrill wallet account or a credit/debit card (processed via skrill) and now skrill is completely out of the picture. Skrill will not respond to my requests for resolution, they say that their decision is final and irrevocable, they won't even tell me how I violated their policy and give me a chance to fix it.

Now to make matters worse it turns out that while "Ally Bank" does offer bank wire services, they will not do "outgoing" International wire transfers, they of course will receive them just fine, I have never heard of such a distinction before on types of wire transfers and I didn't pick up on this limitation when I opened the account (quite frankly it didn't occur to me to even look). Now my broker (FinFx) while sympathetic says they have no way to influence Skrills decisions concerning their clients, this is where I am "VERY" disappointed with FinFx concerning their apparent apathy and lack of control over a primary financial instrument that they "require" their clients to use. I am completely cut-off from funding my brokerage account. I have tried every avenue that I can think of. Most third party international wire transfer services require minimums that I simply can't meet. I am frustrated to say the least.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.