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Finmancon - Managed Forex Account Program

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    Who are we?

    Finmancon is a stable and dynamically developing financial company. We believe that earnest of our success lies within the individual approach to each client, as well as expertise and competence. Financial markets represent a large number of the most complex processes of the global economy and politics, which is why we are always at the forefront of current events, protecting the interests of our clients whatever the situation is on the market.

    The company is focused on delivering services in the field of trust management of client's assets and consulting management. The company is run by analytics and traders with a long working experience in the field of cash management. All personnel possess high expertise and vast experience of working with most instruments of the financial markets.

    The nerve center of the company lies in its investment department which provides its clients with confidence in future thanks to routine uphill work, by doing research the capital markets, analysis and forecast of the price development on financial instruments. The investment department resorts in its work to a system approach towards construction of strategy on management of client's assets. This approach includes methods and theory of micro and macroeconomics, behavioral finance, econometrics, probability theory, methods of retrospective analysis, mathematical simulation and regression analysis. All this allows clients to forecast their profits from money management with relatively high degree of probability, irrespective from market conditions.

    Finmancon utilizes the most recent software solutions for analyzing financial markets and constructing financial strategies. Over a period of its activity Finmancon had accumulated a successful experience with more than 15 biggest international brokerages. Among clients of Finmancon are private and corporate investors from more than 20 countries.

    The company interacts with its clients, minimizing substantially the investor's risks, eliminating misapplication of client's funds as well as allowing the clients to invest small funds. The company is directly interested in investor getting a profit, as well as in a long-term cooperation, since the profit of managing company depends directly on the results of work and profits of investor.

    It doesn't matter for our company, whether there's a market growth or a global crisis. In the language of people who understand the logic behind the financial markets, all these trends mean only one thing - there is a redistribution of capital between contractors. Our company checks that every redistribution on the financial market is carried out in the favor of our clients.

    Our goal is to secure the safety and augmentation of client's funds.

    Asset management (PAMM)
    PAMM account - a new style of managing and investing!

    "Finmancon" introduces a unique service in the field of asset management service - the PAMM account giving a way to an efficient and mutual cooperation between Investor and Manager in the course of trading in the financial markets and asset management in particular.

    PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is the trading account constituted of one or several Investor's accounts where trading is conducted by a professional Manager. Manager's duty is to manage the Investor's aggregate funds and to ensure that profits and losses will be distributed among the members of the PAMM account in proportion of their investments. By implementing this system we sought to introduce a balanced and convenient asset management solution.

    PAMM accounts represent a convenient financial instrument:

    • for Investor because they simplify investment procedure while minimizing the risks;
    • for Manager because ensures funds management is comfortable irrespectively of its volume.

    Letter from the Traders

    At Finmancon, we are extremely proud of the pioneering company we have built. We were one of the first firms to open up the world of currency trading to retail investors. And ever since, we have been dedicated to making trading understandable for people who are looking for new financial opportunities in our increasingly global marketplace.

    Though we started this company over five years ago and many of us have worked in foreign exchange most of our professional lives, we still feel as though we've discovered a whole new world, and the idea of helping people discover it excites us.

    We pride ourselves on our customer service and believe that you will feel the difference from every member of our team. Our goal is to help you understand global markets and become a better, more successful investor. Most importantly, you'll find open and honest people ready to answer your questions and help you anytime of the day or night.

    Openness, fair dealing, and a company dedicated to providing transparency about fees, costs and management--all this defines the culture at Finmancon. So join us! There's a whole new, fast, fun and challenging world out there just waiting for you. We're excited to help you discover it.

    Team Traders - Finmancon

    Finmancon - Managed Forex Account Program

    info@finmancon.com- technical questions and troubleshooting
    support@finmancon.com - trading-related or account questions

    Project start - April 19
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