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Forex signals and investment is a forex signal provider and a money manager trading on behalf of clients with live accounts at Finprotrading (a forex broker). Here is Forex signals and investment face book page where they advertise for their services -


Forex signals and investment claims to make a return of 80% a month but you have to open an account with

I opened an account with Finprotrading after a long conversation with someone called Noura working for Forex signals and investment. Forex signals and investment trades on behalf of Finprotrading clients using the name Flashy Wael. My conversation with Noura was how they manage a return of 80% a month. She assured me in writing that, it's impossible, completely impossible to blow out a client's account using their system. So, I decided to appoint them as my money manager through a MAM account with Finprotrading.

The first trade came 6 hours later and within 10 hours, there were already 15 open trades. I watched as they trade against the trend the entire time. It's almost certain they want to blow your account. They would look for price to start moving swiftly in one direction only to see them open a trade in the opposite direction. A few trades managed to return a profit since their take profit was around 20 pips. Their stop loss is somewhere from 300 to 600 pips away with a take profit of 20 pips. They don't close losing trades. They let them run for days until the market takes them out with a 600 pips loss.

What beats me is why have these people as money manager of their clients. Flashy Wael and Forex signals and investment can lie to the world how they return a profit of 80% a month but surely, Finprotrading should know that this is not correct. They know how these people trade. They know how many of their clients’ accounts have been blown by this so called money manager. They have to convince me otherwise because I believe and Flashy Wael/Forex signals and investment are in this together to fleece money from unsuspecting investors.

Flashy Wael/Forex signals and investment had blown my account in less than 2 weeks. 19 trades were stopped out each with a loss of between 18 pips loss to 474 pips. How can an account survive with so many trades and such negative in losses? It would not matter whether I had invested $100,000 or $1,000. Each trade is opened using a percentage of amount of money in the account. That means when a $1,000 is wiped clean, a $500,000 account is wiped clean as well and at the same time.

I had a conversations with Noura when I realized trades were not going well. I asked them to close the trades but she always assured me that everything was under control. A couple of days before my account was wiped clean, I had a conversation with her telling her that should my account be wiped out, I would need a refund of my deposit because she had assured me that it would be impossible to blow a customer’s account with their trading system. She just told me that's okay, we will see. She promised me this three times on WhatsApp and email. Once my account was gone, they blocked my number and I could not reach them but responded to my emails before they stopped responding to my emails all together. I sent an email to Finprotrading asking them why they allow Flashy Wael to trade on behalf of their customers knowing too well that they lose customers’ money. They didn’t respond to my email until I told them I am reporting this on Forex Peace Army. A lady by the name Sneha Garg called me. She told me they cannot verify trading results of their money managers. I see other brokers displaying graphs of how their contracted money managers are performing. They know how much accounts have gone down in the hand of Flashy Wael. So, they must know he does really well for the company because they are able to wipe clients’ accounts in the shortest time possible. That's why I believe Finprrotrading and Flashy Wael/Forex Signals and Investment do this together to steal from their customers. They have to prove to me and the world that they don’t know how money managers in their portfolio perform. Flashy Wael/ Forex Signals and Investment have signed an Introducing Broker (IB) agreement. Yesterday, I came across a video by Anton Kreil. I was horrified to know what these IB contracts and money managers does to retail traders. They work in cohort with brokers to ensure, 90% of retail traders lose at least 90% of their money in 90 days. Anton Kreil, thank you for opening my eyes. You can watch the video here -

Please, do not invest with these people. They are cons and someone should do something about them. My account number is 99990762. Email address of the lady who called me from Finprotrading Flashy Wael and his company, Forex signals and investment email address is Email address of Noura, who works for or works with Flashy Wael is Flashy Wael WhatsApp number is +961 70 090 746. They have now disabled comments on their Facebook page after people started complaining.

I have put these contacts here so that Forex Peace Army can verify all these details and ensure no one else who is fortunate enough to come across this article will fall victim of being scammed by these people. I have attached the account statement here that Flashy Wael operated for 2 weeks.



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