Token Sale Scam


Finxflo Representative
You can hide behind fake profiles and threaten people with "Fake Blog News" unless you receive money, that from where I am from is Blackmail. It is a criminal offence. End of discussion.


You are not fooling anyone James.

It is clearly you in the photograph with Kell Brook at a boxing event that FX World were sponsoring in 2015.

I will tell you what?

Why don't you fly back to London and talk to the City of London Police about it all?

Or is it because you are a wanted fugitive?

And yes your accomplice Clint Canning fled the UK also however he returned to the UK to face justice after the City of London Police arrested his wife at the airport as she tried to board a plane on her way back to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Where there is no extradition treatty.

I am sure that the Singapore authorities will be contacting you James.

Real soon.