fiscal pol

I bet it would be something positive anyway. If somebody was in need of money I assume it will be only positive for him entirely. Are you with me here? Maybe we will not see the effect immideately but it will be there really, just wait out.
Much depends on how well this money is used in reality and whether it can make even more profit or solve some economic, political or social problems.
It all depends on the action plan.
It all depends on how the money is distributed in practice.
Although, in fact, after the very receipt of finance, there may be a certain price spike.
I think that question is just goo general. If 4bio is enough for one economy depends on particularities of that specific economy and especially where this money will be injected and spent. So, general question requires general answer. Try to be more specific
Time will show.
After all, I am sure that there can be dozens of positive and negative moments.
And not only that, in the end, affects the result.