Flying Hummingbird / EffortWe Global Scam !!!


Ive been a victim as well but is there anything we need to do? The broker is on a separate platform , do we need to delete and block emails from them? Also, does MT5 have responsibility on these since they enable such? I supposed they receive commission but at our expense? Shouldnt they be accountable?
Yeah i agree


Can we have the actual website, please?
Hi all

I have unfortunately fallen prey to the evil of this world.
I have been scammed of almost my entire savings for Forex investing with a broker who turned out to be an organized crime gang operating from China or South East Asia laundering money through cyber criminality. I have reason to belive they are Chinese operating from Vietnam. Later I understood it was common in Asia 2 years ago and known as "Shazhupan" or "Pig Butchering Scam" where you are the pig (money bank) and they are the parasites feeding off of you. Because it is known there, they moved to new territories outside Asia where people don't know much about it.

The broker is Flying Hummingbird Co., Ltd who changed to EffortWe Global Limited last month.
They have their workers contact you on dating apps like Tinder or on Whatsapp. I saw a lot of red flags along the way and was very suspicious but the guy I talked to had the right answers every time to trick you. With Covid lock down I was isolated and I ignored all the warning signs hoping for some Forex gains and quick relief thinking the only way to achieve financial stability is through markets and taking risks.

They tell you it's better to go through a coin exchange platform to send them Bitcoin directly instead of wire transfer who would cost you a lot of fees. But it's a way so you can't charge-back your money and recall it when you know you have been scammed. They also cover their traces through crypto addresses.

At first I started with a very small amount $200 that I didn't mind losing. Slowly I was putting much bigger amounts. The manipulation was on the course of 3 months where they talk to you daily about silly things and slowly become your friends and then start their plan. All in all I have lost around $40k (ouch :(). My account showed that I earned double which is fake money. They let me withdraw $1000 once which made me think they were legit but once you reach a certain amount, you can no longer withdraw and they invent new excuses to ask you to put more money and unlock your withdrawals. It's also a scam and thankfully I didn't fall for that.

I have learned my lesson the hard way. It will take me some time to earn back the money I lost. I usually trust nobody but for some reason I thought I had to stop being paranoid and that there are some good people in this world. Turns out there are none. These people are the lowest form of humanity, living in poor conditions and willing to sacrifice anyone for their own financial gains. The pictures they send you are bought online and tell a whole background story on this fake persona. It's very elaborate and scripted.

Also don't fall into scammers who tell you they can recover your funds easily. They also prey on your desperation and sense of emergency. I am planing on fighting this on the long run and find out who these scammers are to file a lawsuit. If others have similar stories with them and can share what they did, you can reach out to me to maybe go for a class action or find out some inconsistencies/mistakes they made along the way.

If you have better suggestions, please share. This was very recent : 2 days ago and I am still in shock but they won't get the best of me.
Actually they are started as richnessempire before hummingbird and now new site again.. I lost 25k.