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FNN24 Real Time News Bullets for the Retail FX trader

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by fnn24, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    Ever wonder if you could get hold of mission critical news in real time just as the pro forex traders?

    A professional trader will use Bloomberg or Reuters terminal for his real time news, data and information but both cost upwards of $2000 / month /user depending on which part of the world your are in thus making them quite expensive for the retail trader.

    There has been ample evidence over the last 5 years, that Forex trading is all about information and data. The trader who gets his hands on news first will benefit, sometime by over 50 pips.

    Case in point on 17 Jan 2012, China reported GDP figures of 8.9% which came on our systems a good 2 min before anywhere else including, but not limited to, audio forex etc sites.

    FNN24 is a news algorithm which in partnership with the brilliant MNI (Deutsche Bourse) journalists team brings to you two products at extremely affordable rates:

    1. FNN24 - Real time news:
    This is a leading provider of news and intelligence specifically for the Global Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insight for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions. The credibility for delivering mission-critical information has been built over three decades. The quality and experience of MNI's 60 journalists in 12 bureaus across America, Asia, and Europe truly set us apart from other news sources.

    The product inludes minute-by-minute reporting on global currency markets, presented in succinct bullet point format. MNI Foreign Exchange Bullet Points focuses on trading flows, shifting market sentiment and expectations, news driving the market, economic data, monetary and fiscal policy, key market levels, central bank market activity, and global capital flows. Features include technical market analysis, FX options, advisories on upcoming events, economic indicator analysis, global news, and economic. A key part of the product is timely bond market data including EU and US bond auction data which are now increasingly part of every forex traders arsenal.

    2. FNN24 - Curator:
    The FNN24 curator algorithm is an advanced news algorithm contextually gleaning and curating latest news from across thousands of sources every minute. Every newspaper across the world including Associate Press, Xinhua (China), Kyodo (Japan) and Welt.de (Germany) and other countries are indexed. Over 100 journalists are indexed. Nothing is missed out if it is legally released to the system. A trader cannot afford to be ignorant of what is happening.

    Give your FX trading skills an edge with FNN24 products. Make no mistake: The big boys of the trading world has access to all the data and information at nano second speed while you are left to work with delayed releases etc. FNN24 aims to change that and provide the retail trader with high quality news feed at affordable rates.

    Pricing: Both products can be subscribed at sub $100 / month/ user depending on the duration you select.

    Please visit FNN24

    We invite readers for FPA to subscribe for a free trial (No questions asked) at FNN24

    You have nothing to lose with the free trial. We are confident that you will find the product as useful to your trading requirements.

    About Us:
    FNN24 was launched in association with MNI in Jan 2012. It was launched by ex traders who found the need to address the need for providing high quality news bullets to FX traders exp those on the internet.

    If you have queries, please feel free to email us at info@fnn24.com and we will respond in 12 hours.

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